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Photo Credit: Bob Knoebel

“The season is ended. There was not enough of it; there never is.”

– Nick Lyons

However, there are still opportunities to wet a line. You may just need to travel farther afield. Or you can begin to look forward to next season. With the current snow water equivalent at or above 140% of normal in all our local drainages, we can anticipate high water come June and July on most of our freestones and tailwaters and plenty of water for late summer and fall as well.

Big Wood / Silver Creek / South Fork of the Boise
Will close on April 1st until opening day, Saturday, May 27th.

Big Lost
Unlike the Wood, the South Fork, and the Creek, the Lost is open year round. At the moment the flows are at around 113 CFS. This could change any day, as there is a ton of stored water in the snow pack and Mackay reservoir has a relatively small capacity. If you decide to go, check the flows and cross your fingers. Of course, this time of year you will see fish on redds, so watch your step and leave these fish alone. Bugwise, be prepared for prolific midge activity with a few Baetis in the mix.

The Salmon River
As of March 28th, the Pahsimeroi Fish Hatchery has trapped 30 steelhead, and the Sawtooth Fish Hatchery has none. The fish are starting to move, but the cold weather has delayed the steelhead fishing for the upper reaches of the river. Conditions should improve as we head into April, but cold weather will persist into the first part of April.

There is still ice on many of the local reservoirs thanks to a cold spring. But once they start to thaw, they will be worth a visit. Keep Mackay, the Little Wood, and Magic on your radar. In the meantime, a visit to CJ Strike outside Mountain Home to hunt carp could be worth your time.

Big Lost Flies: Baetis | Midge | Small Perdigons | Bishop’s Dynamite |  Zebra Midge in black, red, or olive

Salmon River: Egg Patterns | Streamers | Pat’s Rubber Legs | Prince Nymphs | Squirmy Worm

Stillwater: Balance Leeches | Sheep Creek Special | Woolly Buggers | Seal Buggers | Chironomids | Damsel Nymphs | Prince Nymphs




Silver Creek 119 cfs
Big Wood 132 cfs
The Lost Below Mackay 113 cfs
Salmon 378 cfs
South Fork of the Boise 295 cfs