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May 14th – 21st

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The season opener is fast approaching, but if you are anxious to get out and fish there are several options outside the Valley from Carp fishing CJ Strike to chasing monster Browns on the Owyhee. For those waiting for the opener, keep checking the USGS water flows and long range weather forecast before you make your plans as conditions change rapidly this time of year. At the moment, the cool weather last week has keep the high altitude snow at bay, but with this weeks warmer temps we should see another bump in the flows on all our freestone streams.  We should also see our tailwater fisheries increase their flows over the coming week as reservoirs start to fill and demand for water downstream increases. For those looking ahead to summer, the Wood and our other freestones should be very fishable in the first weeks of July in perfect time for the Green Drake hatch while the Creek should be fishing good from opening day on.

Water levels are always lowest in the spring on Silver Creek, and it seems that the fish really appreciate the newly restored area in the upper and lower Kilpatrick’s Pond where the water is now deeper. It is going to to fascinating to observe how the Restoration Project positively impacts the fishery over the next few years. If you are planning on catching the Brown Drake hatch this year, keep your eyes on the weather and your ears on social media. The hatch typically occurs a week before or a week after June 10th.

Surprisingly, the flows on the Lower Lost are still holding at around 90 CFS, but this could change at any moment. Before you go, check the flows using the link to the USGS water on our website. Both midge and Baetis have been abundant, so go prepared to fish all stages of these insects. For midge, have a good selection of Griffith’s Gnats as well as Trailing Shuck Midge patterns in size 18-24. For Baetis, Harrop’s Parachute Baetis and a simple High Vis Parachute Baetis for when the light goes flat in size 18 and 20. Before the hatch starts try small Rainbow Warriors, Bishop’s Dynamites, Zebra Midge, or a small Pheasant Tail in size 16-20 fished below a small indicator or high visibility dry. You might also try a double nymph rig fished Euro Style through the deeper runs. San Juan Worms, Large Stone Flies, or Prince nymphs trailed by a small nymph are always a good bet.

With many of our rivers closed or inundated with high flows, I look to our local reservoirs for entertainment. With a little windshield time, there are plenty of options to explore: Magic, Mackay, Anderson, Duck Valley. From the bank or from a boat, stillwaters in the spring offer great fishing opportunities. Come on into the shop and we will make sure you have the right lines and the right flies to be successful.

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“The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope.” – John Buchan

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