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Get the Net!

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A good net is a major asset. Beyond the obvious, there are a variety of additional advantages to having a net at your side while trout fishing. Here are a few:

1. Land fish faster- Not only is this efficient for your super hero fish tally at the end of the day, it’s monumentally better for the survival fish. Especially in warmer summertime water temperatures!

2. Rubber bags- Are easier on the protective ‘slime’ fish depend on to prevent infection and such. Another big advantage- your flies don’t get hung up in the fabric of traditional bags, something that gets very frustrating very quickly!

3. Take photos of happy fish- Get a nice snap shot of a catch & release fish that’s actually going to survive, not one that’s been fumbled around, mobbed in the dirt with crushed organs buy trembling hands desperate for a new online profile grip & grin.  A net provides you and the fish time. The fish is able to recover (while actually breathing) as you remove your handy mobil device from your fanny pack. Keep the handle of the net between your legs or in the grip of your bent knee while you do all this to avoid loosing your net and fish!

4. Loose fewer flies- A net provides strategic advantage particularly in  landing big fish in heavy water around obstacles. Thus fewer break-off’s of flies that actually appear to be working!

5. Fewer “AWWWWOUCH!!!”- If you’ve never had a fish swim off while you’re  holding the tippet, and had a dropper fly sink deep into your skin… you’ve probably seen it happen! It’s a fantastic method of drawing blood with a good shot at loosing the fish and your flies all in one graceful failure.

6. Trash caddy- It’s a place to stow empty beverage containers along with the river trash we pick up along the way. Not everything we put in the net is gorgeous and wild, but lets do our part to make sure every water we fish has the chance to play that part.




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