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Get Ready for Opening Day!

By May 26, 2011April 14th, 2018No Comments

Silver Creek will be one of the few trout streams worth fishing in the West. With lots of snowpack still left in the mountains we should have high water at least until late June and into July on our other rivers. Silver Creek is clear and already having some hatches. Expect the main hatch to be a size 14- 16 PMD. Some of my favorite patterns for this hatch are Hackle Stackers and No Hackles.  On windy days try throwing a big parachute PMD that floats high and is easy to see. Predicting the hatch this time of year is tricky. On cool days you might not see PMD’s until late afternoon (3 or 4pm) and on warmer days the hatch could be late morning. It pays off to try fishing at different times early in the season. There will also be some Baetis and a few Callibaetis in the slower sections. For Baetis I find smaller parachutes to be effective and on difficult fish try throwing a Harrop Henwing Spinner in a size 22. There can be good midge fishing on Silver Creek early in the year and always bring some brassies and dry patterns for these bugs. My favorite midge emerger is the Trailing Shuck Midge. Terrestrial fishing with ants and beetles can be good in the first couple of weeks. One of my favorite patterns is the Crowe Beetle in a size 8-12. Try fishing this pattern when you’re moving and not sitting still. Fish tend to eat this, ignore it, or spook from it, so fish it in large areas, always casting in new spots.

Big Wood, Trail Creek and Warm Springs will be high and dangerous, but if the weather cools you might find a side channel and get a few fish on big nymphs and streamers. I would not wade these rivers until the water comes down later in the summer. Try Prince Nymphs and big, black, rubber-leg Woolly Buggers.

Magic Reservoir is starting to fish well. You can use 2 different styles of fishing when down there. I like a floating line and a long leader with a strike indicator. I put one or two flies on separated by 3 or 4 feet. I like to let them sink and slowly pull them back towards me with pauses in between. My favorite patterns are Bigg’s Sheep Creek Specials in sizes 12-16 and  Pheasant Tails  in the same sizes. When I see targets on the surface I like to take the indicator off and throw the same flies at the moving fish, always trying to lead them. I also will throw Woolly Buggers and streamers when I think the trout are chasing perch.