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Hecuba! – Gesundheit!

By September 14, 2006 April 14th, 2018 No Comments


Expect a cooler week this week and expect this to turn the fishing on even more. We’ve been getting reports of some of the season’s best fishing in every direction, and can’t hardy imagine a better week, but once these fish feel the chill in the water this weekend they are going to get voracious! A combination of big bugs and little bugs will get the job done. Use little Blue Winged Olive patterns while fishing to rising fish and use bigger bugs like Hoppers and Wulff variations when searching for fish. Be ready for significant emergences of the Western Red Quill (Hecuba) as well!

Silver Creek

Baetis and Callibaetis rule the day on the Creek. Hoppers will still take fish, the occasional Trico is still in play, especially in the mornings as their emergence happens closer to early morning then late night. The cold air leaves them stuck on the water and very vulnerable. Mahogany Dun should be making an appearance soon. Remember despite their size these dark mayflies can be incredibly hard to see on the water and they come in waves, so if you are fishing Baetis and are not getting strikes off of good presentations, take a closer look at the waters surface and double check for these little insects. Be ready to switch back and forth between them and the Baetis every few minutes if necessary.

Big Wood River

Call the fire department because the Wood is “On Fire!!!” Many anglers are raving about the quality of fishing on the Wood and believe it or not, we do expect it to get even better! Baetis, Western Red Quills, October Caddis, Hoppers, Trico, Midges and several other random insects are all contributing to the fishes dinner plate this week. We expect this action to continue with a reduction in Trico and Hoppers with the cooler weather and an increase in the October Caddis and Midges. Have some little Gulper Specials for rising fish and search the water with the other patters, although you may find a hatch of Western Red Quills (Hecuba) in which case show them this bigger pattern.

Lost River

The Lost above and below Mackay Reservoir is fishing really well. Anglers need only fish a nymph that is red, or tan. These colors imitate the eggs, and flesh of the Kokanee trout that are spawning right now. As these fish spawn and die, trout will eat their flesh and steal their eggs. Color is more important then pattern, but try to keep the size reasonable. A size 16 or 14 is about right. Try sight nymphing to the greenbacks sitting behind the red backs, or just blind nymph in the buckets. Anglers are still catching fish on top using Parachute Adams and Grasshoppers, but the real action is subsurface!

Upper Lost and Copper Basin

This area is seeing very little angling pressure and is home to one of our better October Caddis hatches. Searching the water with Orange Stimulators is an excellent way to go. Hoppers are also effective as well as Baetis, Ants and your favorite Attractor Patterns!

South Fork of the Boise

Wade fishing time has finally arrived on the South Fork and just in time for the blanket Baetis hatches that will be occurring occasionally through October. No rush getting to the river as most action is happening mid to late afternoon. Take a good selection of size 18 and 20 Baetis with a lean toward those patterns with a little bit of flash in them. Fish upstream to rising fish, and if they aren’t coming up, prospect the water with Hoppers and Pheasant Tail Nymphs.