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July 16th – 23rd

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“Most anglers soon discover simple fly fishing helps preserve our capacity to wonder.”
– Yvon Chouinard

The next time you go fly fishing, try and simplify your overall approach. Take just a few flies and a spool of tippet. Leave the reel and line behind and grab a Tenkara rod. Make fewer casts. Position yourself closer to the fish so you don’t need to mend. From the amount of gear you take, to how you present your fly, you will find less is more.

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Silver Creek

As expected, the Nature Conservancy will be restricting access to the Preserve due to the low dissolved oxygen content of the water. Beginning Friday July 18th, the hours for fishing will be from 10 AM to 10 PM. The Nature Conservancy will lift the restriction as soon as the heat wave breaks. If you plan to fish beginning at 10 AM in the Preserve, you will catch the tail end of the Trico and Baetis spinner lasting until around 11:30 AM.  The mid day fishing has been slow, but there are good numbers of adult damsels and some Callibaetis duns and spinners to keep the angler and the fish busy. If the wind blows, fishing a hooper, ant, or beetle may produce the best fish of the day. The evenings are your best bet with good numbers of Caddis, PMDS, and some Baetis. Please make it a point to land and release all fish promptly.

With the Green Drakes gone the fishing typically slows down a bit on the Wood. However, fishing has still been good in the mornings with plenty of Caddis, Grey Drakes, Rusty Spinners, Baetis and Pink Alberts around. Fish the margins of the fast water and buckets with small (16 and 14) parachute patterns or try Dry Dropper rigs in the shallow riffles at the head of the runs to find fish.  A good combination of flies are Stimulators, Parachute Hare’s Ear, or Chubby Chernobyls trailed by a Rainbow Warrior, Zebra Midge, or Bishop’s Dynamite in size 16 or 18. The flows are still a bit pushy south of town, but most all the river is open to strong waders and with the current air temperatures, the wet wading has been refreshing.

This is a good option if you are looking for an easy river to wade. You will find the same types of bugs you find on the Wood: Caddis, Pink Alberts, PMDs, and some Green and Gray Drakes. Smaller dries in size 14 and 16 like Parachute Adams and Purple Hazes are working well but a dry dropper rig with a small Bishop’s Dynamite or Zebra Midge is most productive.

Below Mackay the flows have dropped below 300 CFS making the river very accessible to strong waders. There have been good numbers of PMD and Yellow Sallies as well as Crane Flies and the dry fly fishing has been good in the mornings with yellow bodied Parachutes patterns and Stimulators in size 14 and 16. Even a few tricos are starting to show up. In the afternoon, the most effective technique has been nymphing with tandem flies either suspended beneath an indicator or Euro Style. Try a combination of a large Stone Fly imitation or a San Juan Worm with a smaller offering like a Zebra Midge, Rainbow Warrior or Bishop’s Dynamite in sizes 16 or 18. Reports from the Upper Lost have been spotty, still some quality fish are being caught. The name of the game up here is staying mobile; cover as much water as you can and you will be successful. The East Fork above and below Wildhorse Creek are very wadable and below The North Fork on the main stem of the Lost more water is opening everyday. There are plenty of bugs from Stones to Caddis and PMDs.  Search with Parachute Adams, Purple Haze, or Stimulators in size 14 or 16. Dry dropper rigs work well also and any standard beaded nymph will produce.

The Upper and Lower Salmon has had great dry fly fishing of late with good numbers of Golden Stones and Yellow Sallies in the morning and the Spruce Moth making an appearance in the afternoons. This is an incredibly scenic river to float or hole hop in your vehicle. Take a bunch of Stimulators in sizes 10 to 14 as well as Tan Elk Hair Caddis in size 14. If you want to increase your action add a size 14 or 16 Beaded Phaseant Tail or Bishop’s Dynamite. For a change of pace you can try swinging a Black Woolly Bugger and find plenty of willing takers, maybe even a Bull Trout.

The Salmon Flies and Cicadas have faded. Caddis and Pink Alberts are the the most prevalent bugs at the moment. Still, with the flows at 1,600 CFS the dry fly fishing is tough. The most productive method remains nymphing with Stone Fly nymphs, Caddis Larva, and Midge patterns with an indicator or Euro Style. The safest floating stretch is between Village and Indian Rock but you should plan on scouting the river before you float.

Penny, Lake Creek and Gaver Lagoon have been recently stocked and can provide a nice day for a family picnic or if you are looking for something to fry for dinner. Come on by the shop and we can provide you with the appropriate bait or suggest some flies that will work.

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Current Water Flows

Big Wood

Silver Creek

Warm Springs

The Big Lost

South Fork of the Boise

Salmon River

287 cfs

80 cfs

72 cfs

361 cfs

1600 cfs

1210 cfs

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