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June 25th – July 2nd

By June 25, 2014April 14th, 2018No Comments

“The water you touch in a river is the last of that which has passed, and the first of that which is coming; thus it is with time.” Leonardo DaVinci

As the water drops, more and more angling opportunities open up all over the valley. Now is a great time to go explore with big flies, searching dries and reacquaint yourself with familiar waters or get to know a place you have yet to fish. The flows are still heavy in many places so always wade with caution, wear a belt, and take a friend. And if you are feeling a bit rusty, our free casting clinics have begun (Tues-Sat from 5:30-6:30 in front of Sun Valley Lodge). Now is the time to go fishing; don’t let it slip away.

Silver Creek

With a lot of fishing options opening up all over the valley, Silver Creek is seeing light pressure. The restoration area has been fishing well, and now would be a good time to go explore this area. The hatches, while spotty, are gaining momentum. Baetis are the main player with a smattering of PMDs (16), Callibaetis (16) and Tricos (20). We have a great selection of flies designed by Rene Harrop to imitate these bugs and fool the most selective trout. The bug activity has been best between 10 AM and 12 PM and then again in the evenings with a good number of Caddis and small PMDs (18). The afternoon wind will inevitably put a chop on the surface and fishing a beetle, ant, or small hopper with a trailing Zebra Midge or small Iron Lotus can be productive

The Wood through the middle stretch is still tough to wade, but good fishing can be found above Warm Springs confluence and below Bellevue. Not many Green Drakes have been seen yet, but they have started down South and will begin moving up river over the next few weeks. The fish are starting to look up and fishing a large Stone Fly or Cicada pattern trailed by a Green Drake nymph is a good searching rig along the soft edges and seams. If you are fishing likely water with no takes, switch to a deep nymph set up with a Rubber Legged Stone and a Hare’s Ear, PT Nymph, or Green Drake Nymph under an indicator.

This is always a good early season choice. Fish and Game keeps this river well stocked around the bridges and plenty of wild fish can be found for anglers willing to depart the beaten path. The PMDs and Green Drake nymphs are active and the dry fly fishing will be prime this week. Try yellow or orange Stimulators or any of your favorite large attractor dries. Dry Dropper rigs are a good searching option. Fish the same nymphs you would use on the Wood.

The flows below Mackay Reservoir continue to drop. As a general rule of thumb, I like to wait and fish this water once it drops below 300 CFS. This may be ready in the next couple of weeks as the flows have just dipped below 400 CFS. The Upper Lost, specifically the North and East Fork, are beginning to fish well, but wading is still difficult in places. Still this is a good time to toss big dry Stone Fly and Green Drakes patterns to aggressive fish. Remember that the best approach to this river system is covering a lot of likely water. This area can produce good quality fish, but not huge quantities.

Fishing is improving on the Upper Salmon around Stanley, although wading is still difficult, and some guides have even begun to float the Lower Salmon river below Torrey’s Landing. A smattering of Salmon flies are fluttering about as well as caddis. Fish are beginning to look up and some nice Cutthroats are being caught on the banks on size #10 Yellow and Orange Stimulators. Of course, nymphing with a large standard or King Prince, Hares Ears, Pheasant Tails, and Rubber Legged Stones is producing good action on white fish and trout.

They raised the flows to1260 CFS, as of this report, but always check the flows before you go. The fish will need a few days to adjust to this level. There are still plenty of small dark Caddis, Cicadas, and Salmon Flies fluttering about and fishing a big dry with a PT dropper is a good all around rig. Nymphing the riffles with Rubber Legged Stones and small to medium sized PTs, Caddis Larva or Zebra Midge is also productive.

Penny, Lake Creek and Gaver Lagoon have been recently stocked and can provide a nice day for a family picnic or if you are looking for something to fry for dinner.

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