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Kicking Around The West

By March 9, 2012April 14th, 2018No Comments

The most ‘epic’ marmot photo you’ll see all day!

My “stomping grounds” are nothing more than a small oval drawn on a map of the United States, a mere dot on the face of  the globe. Small and insignificant on paper. But when a boot hits the ground in these places that I call home, small and insignificant can only be applied to the person standing in those boots, out in the fresh air and kicking around the west.

Only smattered with water, this high desert region is relatively arid. Watersheds that may span the boarders of three states and millions of acres in order to produce one small stream, provide precious habitat for a wide variety of fish and wildlife. Lucky for the angler, that spectrum of fish can include a variety of trout.

Seemingly generous by nature, many of the trout in these waters share a propensity for looking up. Myself a junkie for the casual rise of a confident fish, it’s been years since I’ve attached a strike indicator.