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Kilpatrick Pond Rehab Progress Report

By October 16, 2013April 14th, 2018One Comment

Nick Purdy of the RR Ranch sends an update on the portion of the Silver Creek Restoration project within the Ranch property downstream of The Nature Conservancy property.

“The pond work is moving along on schedule. The dredging of pond to the Kilpatrick Bridge should be done in 10 days. There will be a 50ft wide channel 6 ft deep to the bridge. We have the creek bypass in and will drain the pond the weekend of the 25th and put the creek in the bypass the 28th.”

“We will remove the dam by the 1st Nov and start construction of the new one in early Nov. In early November we will enter the dried up pond with equipment and start encapsulating 100yrs of silt into an island 600ft long by over 100ft wide, the good lord willing.”

“The fish really love the deep water and are moving in right behind the dredge.”

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