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From Amanda’s first catch, to her most recent river trip, her fascination and knowledge for fly fishing has grown stronger over the past nine years. As a native Idahoan, she understands how unique the state is in its magnitude of outdoor offerings. The lifestyle offered here allows her to connect with the water year-round. When the rivers close for spawning, you will find her packing up her waders and heading to Montana or east Idaho every weekend to get her fix.

Amanda attended college in Montana before replanting her roots in the Wood River Valley. During those years, fishing in the evenings became the perfect compliment to her firefighting schedule. It was something I could do by myself and being somewhat self taught, I remember vividly the first fish I caught on a dry fly on the East Fork of the Bitterroot River. It was that calm summer evening that I fell in love with fishing.”

Amanda is currently three seasons wiser in her work as a guide for SCO. For her, teaching fly fishing is a delicate dance because she wants to ensure the guest ends the day with new knowledge and understanding of the sport, while taking care to exceed all expectations of the amount of fun and excitement that a trip up river can offer.You will catch Amanda waist deep in a vast variety of rivers, but at the top of her list are the Silver Creek and the Lower Lost. It is important to her that she is always learning something new from the water and inspiring others. One of her most memorable guiding trips was teaching a little girl to fish. “I was constantly amazed by her ability to soak up the knowledge I provided while reminding me of the brilliance that a young imagination can bestow.”

For Amanda, picking her favorite fly is difficult since flies depend on the hatch and the time of year. Thus, her favorite flies are based on the bugs present in the current system. Her favorite classics are the Pheasant Tail Jig, The Assassin, and KISS IT (keep it simple smarty)!

If you are a beginner to the sport, Amanda encourages swinging into the shop and chatting with any of the guides inside. Each employee is a wealth of knowledge and would love to share the inside scoop with you. But first and foremost, Amanda urges everyone to get out on the river, regardless of skill or expertise. “There is no better way to create your own, personal experience and begin to form the relationship with the water. Just be out there loving it for you!”

The perfect day for Amanda consist of baking, gardening, and naturally, taking advantage of the endless beauty and recreational opportunities this region has to offer.Touching the earth drives my creativity similar to how the water soothes my soul.”