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Greg recalls the catch like it was yesterday. He tied his fly and released it into a body of water more shallow and narrow than Trail Creek in the Wood River Valley. The tug came quickly, and 9-year-old Greg grew overwhelmed with pride as he reeled in his first 20-pound Steelhead on the end of his Pencil Popper. Since that initial great cast Greg’s been hooked to the sport.

When Greg moved to the valley from Seattle, Washington in 1979, he brought this love for fly fishing with him. Greg joined the Silver Creek Outfitters in 2000, and jumped headfirst into working for several river conservation programs in the area. Currently, Greg currently serves as the Executive Director for the Silver Creek Alliance (non-profit for Silver Creek), and is the founder and website manager for SaveSilverCreek.org. He is also the co-manager for Susie Q. Ranch, the outstanding property sitting along 1.8 miles of the world-famous Silver Creek.

Like any adventurous spirit, Greg takes full advantage of what each season has to offer. When he is not wading through Idaho’s expansive river systems, he is backcountry skiing, pursuing his love of photography, or traveling to the southern hemisphere for diverse fishing excursions.

Greg greatly values hands-on work. He makes all his own flies and chooses to fix his cars or do household projects himself. To him, leading a hardworking, do-it-yourself lifestyle is just as rewarding as sharing his passion for guiding with others. Whether Greg is casting his fishing line into the Big Wood or Salmon River, he reminds all beginners to the sport to “never over expect results, but to be humble and enjoy everything ‘around’ the fishing.” He wants everyone to just have fun, work hard to learn, and take it one hour on the river at a time.

Greg Loomis -- Silver Creek Outfitter Fishing GuideGreg Loomis -- Silver Creek Outfitter Fishing Guide