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Know Your Guide: Sean Sullivan

By April 5, 2018April 14th, 2018No Comments

For Sean Sullivan, there is no “off season.” He will fish anytime, anywhere. His start in fly fishing began in 2011 and the following year he joined the team at Silver Creek Outfitters as a guide. Sean choose the rivers of Idaho to bring out his fly rod because he loves the solitude he receives from this fishing paradise.

The favorite fly fishing techniques in Sean’s back pocket originated in countries ranging from Europe to Japan. He loves to guide people who are interested in European nymphing and Tenkara style. European Nymphing has been the main style of fly fishing in Europe for a very long time. This style is mainly used for competitive fly fishing because it is extremely versatile and efficient. The second technique Sean is passionate about is Tenkara style, originally from Japan. For this method you only need a rod, line and fly. There are few complexities with Tenkara style so it is great to pack along on a camping trip or an ideal set up for anyone learning for an intuitive and fun way to fish. Additionally, when it comes to Sean’s favorite flies, he chooses the red quill and rusty spinner hands down.

Sean encourages newbies to the sport to attend the free casting clinic provided by SCO. “You will learn a ton and have a lot of laughs doing it,” he said. He’s lucky enough to be on the pro-staff for Hatch reels and Scott fly rods and encourages everyone to “to demo some of their amazing equipment!!”

Throughout Sean’s favorite seasons, W

inter and Fall, don’t be surprised if you see him packing up his gear and jumping from continent to continent. From Heli-boarding in Alaska’s vast terrain to chasing the surf in Fiji, Indonesia, South Africa, Central America, and European countries, Sean knows how to take full advantage of the outdoor adventures this world has to offer.