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March Fly-Fishing in Sun Valley! The Seasons Best!

By March 5, 2008April 14th, 2018No Comments


If you are not fishing the Big Wood River in March, you may very well be missing the month with the highest catch rate of the season! Temperatures around the Wood River Valley have been hovering near the 40 degree mark for a few weeks now and more of the same is expected. The spring winds have begun early this year so be prepared to fish with dries when the wind is down and with nymphs and streamers when things are blowing out there. More and more access is opening up as the snow recedes, yet not a lot of anglers are taking advantage of this as the spring skiing is going to be fantastic. Anglers – Now is the time!

Big Wood River

The Wood has been great lately with plenty of Midge activity providing great surface action most days. When the weather or time of day is wrong to catch the afternoon rise most basic Midge nymph patterns will suffice. Zebra Midges in red and black are still the number one fly of choice, but Brassies, Chamois Flies and Hares Ears can be equally as effective and often produce bigger fish.

Down the Valley the first runs of pre-spawning Rainbows are on their way up from Magic Reservoir into the Stanton Crossing area. These fish are not looking for dries or nymphs, but will take a well fished streamer pattern. If you go, be prepared to walk a lot between productive pools, but if you catch one of these chrome bright fish, you should catch several in the same spot.

Fishing the Wood below Magic Dam should be productive as Rainbows look to fatten up before the spring spawn. Fishing down there this time of year is for the hardy and for those with 4-Wheel Drive! Nymphs under indicators fished in deep slow moving current can be good, and a streamer is always a good bet when nothing else is drawing attention.

Silver Creek

The Creek is Closed. Silver Creek re-opens May 24th.

Little Wood River

The Little Wood, below the confluence of Silver Creek, is a nice choice to fish in the spring. Despite a slight tint to the river the fishing with streamers can be fun. You will never catch a lot of fish down here, but you may get some big ones and you won’t see anyone else while you are there. As we get closer to April and May the giant Stoneflies will be hatching. Right now would be a good time to start prospecting the river with a large Girdle Bug or other big Stonefly pattern. If you go, plan on driving through Carey to get there, as Cutoff Road is a muddy mess!