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Silver Creek Outfitters | Mark Calder of Calder Carmel

Calder Carmel

Master Craftsman

"I believe in specialty stores, in those great American merchants whose goal is to serve their communities."

“It is not just the quality of the fabric that makes ‘Calder Shirts’ so extraordinary, nor just the exquisite craftsmanship and impeccable design, but it oh so much the quality of the man behind the gorgeous creations,” states Brad Greely of MR.

Calder’s focus is woven sport shirts in beautiful soft shades and incredibly soft fabrics, 90 percent of which he designs directly with European mills so every shirt is a limited edition.

While it’s best to experience each shirt in person, we do have them available online.

Shop Calder Caramel in Men's ShirtsShop Calder Caramel in Men's Shirts