Certified Casting Instructor

on leading people to the fish

"I enjoy helping people become more successful, self-reliant anglers."

Wherever the trout are,

it’s beautiful.

Lewis has been fishing since he could walk. Literally. His earliest memory of finding joy with a rod in his hand was hooking a rainbow trout on a pheasant tail nymph at Penny Lake. “Age unknown, but I was really young,” he recalled. His all-time favorite day on the water was with his best friend and brother, fishing a green drake hatch on the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River. “The fishing was spectacular, we laughed so hard we cried, the weather was amazing, and the river was not too crowded. It was a day I’ll never forget.” The green drake hatch remains his favorite. “The way that fish eat those bugs is truly awesome.

If I think back over the years, most of my best days fishing were all during or butting up to a green drake emergence and they’re super fun to tie.” Born in Sun Valley and raised in Boise, Lewis and his brothers grew up fishing in Southern Idaho and have been casting flies ever since. And it never gets old. “I’ve never found a place I love more than Idaho, and he considers it a joy to share his reverence for his home state with guests and give them days they will also never forget.

Guiding Style

Teacher. “I enjoy helping people become more successful, self-reliant anglers.”

Fun Facts about Lewis

  • He is an avid archer and enjoys pursuing elk and deer each fall with his bow.
  • Lewis is a twin. “My brother often gets mistaken for me on the river, much to his chagrin.”
  • His favorite watering hole? Mahoney’s in Bellevue.
  • After a great day of fishing, Lewis enjoys a trip out the canyon to shoot his bow for a bit or simply listening to a steak sizzle over the coals while watching the sunset.
  • Lewis dabbles in fly tying and guitar playing, though more so in the winter months.
What folks say about fishing with Lewis

Windy and high water fishing conditions weren’t great for fishing, but the setting, equipment and guide were spot on! Great day anyway.

Everett Harper

Lewis was a GREAT guide, and we really enjoyed our trip with him. I would strongly recommend him to others.