VerlonHerndon-Silver Creek Guide -2021

Certified Casting Instructor

Leveling the curve

“After struggling through a lot of my ineptitudes, my inner Confucius compels me to try to level out the learning curve for others.”

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, 

does it make a sound?

Verlon Herndon grew up a long way away from here, both geographically and temperamentally, in the flatlands of Oklahoma. An article in National Geographic that featured a photograph of Stanley and the awesome Sawtooth Mountains redirected his focus and brought him to Idaho. Fishing is in Verlon’s DNA, as is fishing ingenuity. His first fishing memory of the sport is attempting to catch a fish out of a concrete-lined ditch with a worm on a safety pin. Though his knowledge of the sport has become almost encyclopedic, the simple pleasures remain.

His dream ending to a great day guiding is a beer on the deck of Lower Stanley’s Bridge Street Burgers & Brew, deconstructing the day with his “partners in crime” and staring at those amazing mountains that were once just a picture in a magazine.

Guiding Style


Fun Facts about Verlon

  • He designed and built his own log home: He felled the trees, peeled the logs and raised roof: dirt to doorknobs.
  • There’s nothing he likes more than catching a beautiful cutthroat on a #8 yellow stimulator. “Those fish materializing out of nowhere to take your fly in slow motion can electrify your nervous system.”
  • He is an avid backcountry skier

I've fished with Verlon the past 3 years or so. Love it. Took my wife last year and daughter this year, and his instruction to newish fisherpeople is fantastic. He gives a good 30 minute lesson prior to the drift. Terrific guy to fish with, and an excellent oarsman.

Matt Bogue

Verlon is great! Can’t wait for next year!


Great day on the river. We were the only boat out there. We caught some nice fish.


Verlon was excellent and very patient with me. I had never been fly fishing before. The drift boat experience was exceptional. The beauty of the Salmon River was spectacular.

- Arline Thomas

Verlon was extremely knowledgeable and very patient. This was my wife’s and I first experience with fly fishing. I would definitely recommend Verlondo.

John Johnson

Verlon is the best guide we have ever had over the 14 years we have been using guide services throughout the US & Canada.