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Idaho through and through

“I love teaching someone to be confident on the water.”

Dylan Harm grew up in the beautiful mountains between Boise and Idaho City and graduated from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington. As bucolic as his childhood was, he always knew that soon after graduation he wanted to change Idaho venues and move to the Wood River Valley. It was in the area, at Hyndman Lake, that he caught his first cutthroat when he was in second grade. His favorite guiding trip to date? Catching beautiful native rainbows up Warm Springs creek. His favorite way to end a long day of fishing? Cooling off in a stream, drinking a few beverages, and telling stories.  His favorite season on the river? Hopper and terrestrial season, of course.

Guiding Style

A teacher.

“I’m a teacher. The reward for me comes from teaching someone how to become independent and confident on the water.”

Fun Facts about Dylan

  • He has a twin brother
  • A classically trained musician, Dylan studied voice and violin in college.
  • “Any day I can catch a trout on a chubby chernobyl is a great day,” he said.
  • When he doesn’t have a rod in his hand, Dylan can be found skiing, climbing, playing music, or figuring out something new to do in the outdoors.
What folks say about fishing with Dylan

What to say? It was the best fishing experience over my sixty years of fly fishing. Three items made that happen: 1. The stream was in great shape, this included the guide’s choice of spots, an idyllic spot with good access, no one else there for our full day. 2. The conditions were just about perfect,as you know the weather had been sunny and hot for days, but our day was overcast and cool, so the fish were happy to feed and they were hungry. 3. Dylan did a wonderful job coaching me into a better flyfisherman and a wonderful fishing day. He is very knowledgeable, both of the art of fly fishing overall, and of the stream and fishing conditions overall.

Robert Frisbee

Dylan understood my level of fly fishing almost immediately, and in a subtle way shaped his coaching perfectly to make our day wonderful. In addition to bringing me and my outfit into great condition, he provided perfect advising on positioning, fly choice, and most importantly presentation. These items combined to give me wonderful strikes the first three casts I made. Beautiful fish, all but one (the outlier was a beautiful and energetic white fish) fat and healthy rainbows were the feast of the day (no, we did not keep any which was my choice). Yes, even before the wind came up strong, I had caught twenty fish on this wonderful day. His emphasis was on a combination of preparation and presentation. His teaching style was admirable; I think carefully crafted from his position as a third grade music teacher, enthusiastic, clear directions, fun presentation all leading to a great day. So wonderful cheers for the river (no I’m not telling what or where), the day, and most admirably, the guide.

Robert Frisbee

Dylan was a great choice to take us out yesterday. My friend, Todd Grayson, is a terrific athlete and complete novice fly fisherman…Dylan was perfectly suited to teach him and help him succeed. He is easy going, rarely corrects but always improves, and focuses on an overall high service, great experience for the clients. We caught a bunch of fish in Decker Flats, including a bull trout. Dylan also taught or re-taught me some casting techniques when the wind made it more difficult. All in all, a great day.

Bob Beyer

Dylan was knowledgeable and great with my 10 yr old son.

Tony Wei

Great knowledge and hands-on information -- event though I was the only one in among the six of us to NOT catch a fish! Scott and Dylan were the perfect types of people for novices like us. A very good day!

Mike Larson

Dylan was amazing! Knowledgeable, affable, patient, helpful, and just generally great to be around.

Eric and Meredith Simonoff

He was professional and extremely competent.