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Certified Fly Casting Instructor

Birdging the Gap

“As a guide you want to focus on both teaching and putting guests into fish, but it’s all about what your client is looking to get from spending the day with me. Catching is always the goal, but you need to learn a lot of little things along the way. If I can bridge the gap between the two, crack some jokes, have a few laughs, I feel like it has been a great day.”

I Fish…

Pat Lee hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but made his way west for college, attending Sierra Nevada College in Lake Tahoe. He is now a true westerner, addicted to deep powder, mountains, camping, hiking, snowmobiling, and most of all, fishing. Pat appreciates Sun Valley’s relative isolation as the people who come here really want to be here. He calls Sun Valley “classy, beautiful and not run over.” Pat’s first fishing memory was “dropping my Pop’s tackle box off the boat in Stone Harbor, NJ.

I still to this day have never seen him so mad. Now that I’m a fisherman, I know why.” His first fly fishing experience was on Silver Creek where he caught one of the water’s elusive trout on the second cast on a grasshopper. After a day on the river, Pat likes to enjoy a few cold beers around the tailgate of his truck, telling fish tales.

Guiding Style


Fun Facts about Pat

  • He holds a degree in International Business.
  • Pat comes from a long line of police officers. In fact, both his father and grandfather were chief of police in Dormont County, Pennsylvania.
  • His mother’s side of the family were beer distributors.
  • Pat came to the area “chasing a Hailey girl up here seven years ago. I am still here to this day and so is she.”
  • For four years, Pat ran a private snow cat operation for Smith Optics in the Sawtooth Mountains.
  • A traveling snowboard athlete since high school, Pat spent a lot of time in the mountains of Alaska and BC.
  • He loves the olive Wooley Bugger. “You never have to worry about the hatch cause if the fish are not coming up, we will just have to get down.”
What folks say about fishing with Pat

Great trip, Pat was such a pleasure to be with


Pat Lee was a great guide!


Everything was great, with Pat our guide and the experience.

Richard Altig

Pat was excellent as our guide. He made all 3 of us succeed in catching nice fish. We had an awesome day on the river. I can't say enough good things about him!

Kate Rosekrans

I had a truly great day on the water with Pat. He is easy going & very comfortable to spend the day with. Pat does not over teach but does go the extra mile to get the most from the fishery that day.

Bruce Cudmore

Pat did a great job helping us improve and we caught a lot of fish!

Alan Johnson