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Certified Casting Instructor

Has a big fish tale

Considering he has a a big fish tale, I suspect he has some great one-liners too.

Don’t over expect results.

Be humble and enjoy everything “around” the fishing

Greg Loomis’ biggest fish tale is a big fish tale. He once landed a 20-pound Permit on a Pencil Popper. It’s true. He swears it. A fisherman since the age of nine, Greg came across his first Steelhead in a creek as narrow and shallow as Trail Creek. He caught that fish on a fly he tied himself only to discover the season wasn’t open. He did not keep the fish but he got in trouble with his father anyway.

Greg landed in Sun Valley in 1979, the way so many people do: he came for a family ski vacation. He also stayed in the same way that so many people do: by discovering the vast scope of amazing recreational opportunities in the Sun Valley area. The Seattle, Washington native likes to end his guiding days with a shower, a beer and a good night’s sleep. All so he can rest up and do it again the next day.

Guiding Style

Hunter. No elucidation needed.

Fun Facts about Greg

  • He graduated from aircraft maintenance school with an A & P certificate.
  • His first guiding trip involved taking out six absolute beginners on his own. They have become long-time clients and friends so it seems he did okay.
  • Guiding on Silver Creek has led him into a second job as executive director of the Silver Creek Alliance. A non-profit dedicated to the preservation of the Silver Creek watershed.
  • He likes to camp and take photographs.
What folks say about fishing with Greg

Greg is the best...knows water well, searches for fly that works, charming and personable, great casting tips, caught lots of nice size fish.

Mark De Reus

It was a memorable day of hopper fishing on Silver Creek. The highlight of my day: my guest, Pete Beck, telling me it was his best day of fishing this year.


Greg is the best!