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Certified Casting Instructor

Surely able to keep it reel

If I’m not fishing,

I’m thinking about it.

Thatcher Marsted first fell in love with Idaho as a college student. A dream summer job river raft guiding on the Main Salmon River introduced the San Francisco native to the wonders of the Wilderness State. His first fishing memory is of casting a line in the Trinity Alps with a Royal Coachman.

He said his best guide trip ever was “taking my Dad, and always will be.” Something you didn’t know about Thatcher? After graduating from the University of Colorado at Boulder, he spent a year backpacking from Uganda to South Africa.

Guiding Style

Catcher. He wants to put you into fish and make your day a successful one.

Fun Facts about Thatcher

    • After a day in Copper Basin, his favorite waters, he likes to sit on the tailgate of his truck and enjoy a cold beverage
    • He is the youngest of three.
    • His favorite hatch? Baetis in April. “The fish can be technical but a good presentation is very rewarding.”
    • Thatcher thinks any spring float trip in eastern Idaho and Montana is pretty close to heaven.
    • When he’s not fishing, Thatcher enjoys hiking with his 2 yr old daughter, and upland bird hunting with his brittany dog, Quinn.
What folks say about fishing with Thatcher

The three guides [Thatcher, Pat, and Guy] really knew what to do. Excellent expertise. There were six of us including my three sons-in-law, my son and my oldest grandson (age 14). We have different levels of experience but we all loved the trip. Great fishing and a great learning experience for all of us!

John Wilson

“Thatcher said I have a great technique, unfortunately, the trout didn’t know that.”

Ron Dodd

“Thatcher was very knowledgeable and very helpful. Mark and I learned a lot from him.”

Tom Dwyer