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Master Certified Casting Instructor

Lighting it up

“I love teaching and transferring my passion and confidence for the sport, but I love watching a guest light up after hooking up on a fish.”

There’s always time for one more cast.

Peter DeBaun is a consummate fisherman. He is a master casting instructor and boasts a resume that has taken him to more than 40 countries to fish or guide. One of the co-founders of Zambia’s first private university, Northrise he also founded African Fly Fishing Safaris and has thrown line into some of the most mesmerizing water in the world. But his favorite guide trip was close to home. Through the Wounded Warriors program, Peter took a college-age veteran, paralyzed in service, into the Big Wood River. “He was strapped into a wheelchair. With only the use of half of his body, he hooked a big Rainbow and was cheered on by other anglers on the river. It was his first time fishing and it was amazing to share his accomplishment with him.”

Guiding Style

Combination. “I love transferring my passion for fly fishing to others and giving anglers the kind of confidence that comes through learning. There are few things I enjoy more than watching a guest light up after hooking a nice fish!”

Fun Facts about Peter

      • Best quote: “My favorite fly is one attached to a fish.”
      • He earned a masters of divinity studying philosophy and ethics at Princeton Seminary and Harvard Divinity.
      • A minimalist, he likes to bow hunt and spearfish.
      • His favorite hatch takes place during the rainy season in central Africa when termites emerge from their mounds as flying insects, turning all water into a dry fly Valhalla.
What folks say about fishing with Pete.

Best guide around.

Peter Ziegler

It was a windy day but always great with Pete!


Very patient and nice! First time fly fishing and it was a very fun experience. In a few hours I went from knowing nothing to catching six fish.

Rob Pfeiffer

Pete is an excellent fishing guide and a great person. You are lucky to have him on your staff.


Pete is the best. Ten fish at Silver Creek, a great casting lesson and the usual excellent conversation. ‘Nuff said.


Could not ask for a more detailed fishing experience!! Pete is hands down a glowing personality, awesome fishing guide, gentleman, competent & precise teacher, storyteller, heartfelt person/fly fishing guide we have been lucky enough to have enhanced our lives!!! Thank you Silver Creek Outfitters / Terry RIng for having such talent available to us!!

Walking into Silver Creek Outfitters ALWAYS brings a smile to our faces!! The product selection to the friendly, thoughtful, warm staff is amazingly welcoming.
Could NEVER say enough positives about Silver Creek from the amazing shopping experience to the wonderful detailed, experienced fly fishing guides.

Stacy Green Kirshbaum

Peter worked with my 13-year-old son to make sure he learned vital skills, improved his technique, and caught lots of fish. We had a fantastic time on Silver Creek and banked a lot of lasting memories. I couldn't be more pleased with my experience.

Rick Maechling

Another testament on why its a good idea to get a guide on your first trip to a unknown water. An example of how dedicated Peter was to get me into fish, in a one hour period we must have switched up flies a dozen plus times, continuing to hone in on what the fish were feeding on, it paid off again and again. Again, beautiful river system and area, great company. Well done! thank you.

more from Chris Delsing

This is the third year we have finished with Pete Debaun. We fished with a total of three couples and Pete lined up two other guides. Pete made sure everyone had a wonderful time. Everyone caught plenty of fish even though it was a challenging Trico hatch. There is no question that we will be back to finish with Pete next year.

Doug Vickery

This is the fourth consecutive year that my wife and I have fished with Pete DeBaun. He kept us on fish all day long even when conditions slowed topped by a 20 1/2 inch rainbow and a 19 1/2 inch brown. Pete is a great teacher and gives us a few tips every year that we take with us after we leave Silver Creek and fish other rivers in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming on our annual trip to the Rockies. We can’t wait to fish with Pete again next year.

Doug Vickery and Laura Moore

Every trip with Peter Debaun is a treat. Last trip, last cast was a 21" rainbow!


I have used guides throughout the world, this was right up there with one of my best experiences to date. I had heard of the legendary Silver Creek and how difficult it can be. I wanted to use the day not just targeting fish, but understanding the topology, river system and habits of the fish. I got all that and more. Peter is patient, informative, encouraging without being condescending, and thorough. A true master of his craft. Felt as if I was fishing with a bud vs a guide. A really really good fisherman and informed bud. The bonus was there was not many people getting the volume of takes and bigger fish that we were.

Chris Delsing

Peter DeBaun's expertise was amazing. He introduced me not only to the art of casting (and to quit throwing grenades!) but also to the entomology of the bugs, when they swarm and mate (ignore the bugs swarming in your ears and nose and just fish!), how they mate, and how they become dinner for the amazing number of fish at our feet.

David O'Brian

No way could you have made this a better experience for me. I have fished with a number of guides (10 - 12) on any number of rivers across the U.S. and none of them come close to the experience I had with Peter DeBaun. His instruction was extremely helpful. His knowledge and his willingness to pass it along to me was above that of any other guide I have fished with. Now, if I can just keep repeating what he taught me? No more midget sticks, no more grenades, no more side sets, and a lot more patience.

David O'Brian

I have been a client and customer of Silver Creek Outfitters for over twenty-five years. The service, selection and professional guide staff are without equell anywhere in Idaho. Silver Creek is the platinum standard of outfitters.

Don Campbel

[Pete and Ewald] 2 best guides ever.

Stephen Moreland

Fantastic so knowledgeable, fun and approachable.