StoddardRowley-Silver Creek Guide -2021

Certified Fly Casting Instructor

When faced with variety or challenges, Stodd never flounders!

“I came to Idaho for a drastic change in scenery from the east coast”

“Angling is extremely time consuming. That’s sort of the whole point.” ~ Thomas McGuane

Stoddard Rowley grew up among the green, rolling hills of Massachusetts and spent his college years at St. Lawrence University in idyllic upstate New York, but he still yearned for the jagged peaks and wilderness of the American west. “I came to Idaho for a drastic change in scenery from the east coast,” he explained. Like so many others, Idaho’s sublime beauty and endless opportunities to recreate turned Stoddard into a coastal convert.

He now especially loves the rhythm of days and evenings spent on local waters. His favorite guide experience to date was watching a young novice catch her first trout on a dry fly and he prefers to end his days in the parking lot, enjoying a few beers and comparing notes with the guides and shop staff.

Guiding Style


Flexible.  “I like to find a balance between being a catcher and a teacher. Having someone execute what they have learned and turn that into catching fish is the best of both worlds. ”

Fun Facts about Stodd

  • He is an avid scooter operator and is know by friends and fans alike as “scooter boy”.
  • Stoddard first dropped a line into the water in his hometown with a worm on one end and hope in this heart.
  • Any fly fabricated from “hunks of foam” is his favorite.
  • When he’s not fishing, Stoddard enjoys a good time whether that is mountain biking, skiing, or quality time with friends.

We booked Stod for two days during our trip to SV. Primarily to work with our 9 yo son. He was able to put him on fish, keep him excited and instilled a solid fly fishing foundation - exactly what we were hoping to achieve.

Jay Robertson

Stodd was excellent as a person and guide. Knowledgeable and patien