Fly Fishing Guide

Rides elephants too.

“There is nothing as beautiful and pure as watching a fish slurp your dry fly. However, the vole hatch at Silver Creek is pretty fun.”

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Sun Valley and the East End of London, where Guy Robins is from, have little in common, but how Guy spent much of his childhood, out of the city, fostered in him  a love of fishing that has been a constant thread throughout this life. Guy was educated at a boarding school in the Scottish highlands where he, from the age of nine, learned to fly fish for brown trout on the banks of the Spey River. He said, “After tying up some Greenwells Glories, I would sneak out of school and fish the Fiddich River from which the water is drawn to produce the famous Glen Fiddich whiskey.” As a small boy, Guy remembers packing up his fishing stuff with a jar of maggots and heading out to his favorite pond. “I would sit on the bank all day watching a float and catching warm water species like carp, perch, tench, and roach.” When friends invited him to ski in Sun Valley, the area immediately resonated with him. He fell in love with the mountains, river, and community, and has been here ever since. In his free time Guy’s favorite adventure buddies are his wife and two young children. Together they enjoy skiing, biking, rock climbing, and hiking.

Guiding Style

Flexible.“While catching fish is a part of a guide’s job, it is also about the full experience of being out on a river in the wilderness and having as much fun as possible, about creating a unique and memorable experience. I really like to pass on knowledge about the sport, so that my guests can improve their own personal skills and use them on their next unguided fishing trip.”

Fun Facts about Guy

  • Guy loves American football, more than soccer, but admits to not knowing all the rules.
  • He has ridden elephants in Asia looking for Bengal tigers.
  • An unconventional Brit, he prefers coffee to tea.
  • An avid adventurer, Guy has scaled El Capitan in Yosemite nine times.
  • Guy has been a career guide for more than 40 years, as well as an outfitter in the Himalaya.
  • Beers, margaritas, flank steak tacos with all the homemade fixings, followed by a night under the stars at a riverside camp is Guy’s perfect end to a day of catching big fish.
  • He enjoys all hatches “as there is nothing as beautiful and pure as watching a fish slurp your dry fly. However, the vole hatch at Silver Creek is pretty fun.”
What folks say about fishing with Guy

Guy was fantastic! Very patient and kind. He has a great personality and made the trip the highlight of our honeymoon.

Landon Ruud

Guy was fantastic!! He was very knowledgeable and a great teacher!! He got my husband on a lot of fish and was great at explaining everything to him.

Paige Roddey

Guy was knowledgeable and very helpful. He kept me steady in faster water that I couldn’t have handled on my own and that is what got us fish. A memorable green drake experience.

Richard Barker

Guy, worked very hard. He is a great guide. He had to deal with two beginners with the conditions being very tough on the Big Wood River. Our float on Silver Creek was a blast. Fishing was tough but An incredible location.

John Harmon

Guy was an outstanding guide. He took the time to demonstrate and explain the fly fishing technique and he was nearby at all times to help. He went the extra step and took us to an additional spot and taught us how to dry fly fish. We highly recommend Guy!

Don and Andrea