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Certified Casting Instructor

When faced with variety or challenges, Brian never flounders!

“I strive to be an excellent teacher while still putting clients into fish. Some guests require or desire to learn, where many just want to hang a pig. I believe that a good guide has to be extremely adaptable in order to meet and exceed the expectations of every guest, on every trip.”

If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch,

you must first invent the universe.

Brian Richter learned to tie flies a full year before he learned to fly-fish. He is not sure why that was, but he is certain it helped him better understand the water and the environment in which he would eventually find his calling. “Learning about bugs is an integral part of fishing.” A native of southern Idaho, Brian started fishing with his parents when he was still a toddler. “My mother made a miniature, makeshift float tube for me so that

my sister could drag me around the lake while she and my father fished. My sister tells me I was either in my birthday suit or in diapers during these excursions.” It doesn’t get much more native Idahoan than that! Neither does his choice of après-fishing activities that favor a cold beer at Grumpy’s or dinner at the Pioneer Saloon, relaxing and spinning fishing tales with friends and clients.

Guiding Style


Fun Facts about Brian

  • His parents were taxidermists in the 70s and 80s in Wendell and Twin Falls, Idaho.
  • His favorite hatch is “what they are eating right now.”
  • Not surprising, Brian likes to hunt.
  • More surprising, he loves to learn about art.
  • Tying flies still makes the list of things that make him happy.
What folks say about fishing with Brian

Jake and Brian were extremely knowledgeable and helpful the three days we had them.

Peter B Daly

Bret and Brian are incredible teachers and super knowledgeable about the local rivers and where to find fish. They are also great guys and it's very fun to spend a day with them on the river!

Marc Murfitt

Brian is one of the most studious and engaged guides I have ever fished with. He provided great new ideas and techniques that I enjoyed. He has a deep knowledge of fly fishing and entomology. I would fish with Bryan again.

Jim Rathburn

Brian and Brett went above and beyond to not only put us on fish but to take time to teach us everything from their preferred leader system to interesting facts about the area. Their knowledge of the area and easy going attitude made the day a complete joy. I can’t wait to fish with them again. It was a slow day (to no fault of Brian and Brett) but having Brett and Brian willing to try and teach everything possible made the day more than worth it!


Our guide was Brian Richter – who totally made our experience. We have already booked him for next year. It was so cool that he knew everyone, and had so much knowledge beyond just fishing that he could share with us (entomology, hunting, anthropology, environmental science). He went above and beyond to take us to more unusual spots, was high energy, and tailored the trip to us. It was a blast!

Kristen Nelson

Brian was exceptional. He is an expert guide and instructor with tremendous experience and knowledge. We had a great day on the water and caught some wonderful browns and rainbows. I’m looking forward to coming back.


Brian was a complete gentlemen and more than I had imagined. He called a day in advance, laid out options and tried to find the best fit for the experience I envisioned. Brian was able to spend the time helping my weaknesses and share knowledge as we fished. He worked harder than I did and that’s hard to do, so I was very impressed with his people skills and his passion for the living fish and toward me.

Chris Miller

The highlight was the time Brett and Brian spent evaluating my skill level and their eagerness to try different fishing styles with me. Learning from them made was easily the most enjoyable part of the day. I believe I am a better angler from the time I spent with them.


Brian was amazingly great for us. I'm 52 years old and had zero fly fishing experience. Brian had me up and running within 3O minutes or less and I only got better as the day went on. It was a fantastic experience! Thank you Brian and Silver Creek Outfitters. I caught a small brown about midway thru the day and Brian explained it was a brown that they hadn't caught before. I was able to get some pictures and we named the fish Woody.

Darrin HeinLakeland TN

Ewald, Jake and Brian all of whom we enjoyed thoroughly. They made us feel like every little gain was a big success. They are not only great guides and terrific people, they are phenomenal instructors and entertainers. We could not have been happier with them!!

Tony and Su Brush

Our guide, Brian Richter was especially warm, engaging, and VERY knowledgeable not only about fishing but the local geography, and history. Our 12 year old grandson had the best fishing day ever and has already begged to come back and ask Brian to guide him again. An extraordinary guide and day experience-for not only our grandson but both of us as non-fisherman along to watch and picnic for the day. Thanks Terry for arranging it. It was an exceptionally wonderful experience!!! It was a most perfect experience-rushes and caught ALOT of fish of varying species-our goal for the day on both the Lost River. Our guide was fantastic. Love your store; gear, gifts, and clothing are well selected.

Karen and Tom Linden

Brian Richter and Bret Wilson were our guide team for our four-person group. Great guides. Very professional and fun to be with. Five pound rainbow takes the daily prize!

Ron Wilhite

I have fished with Brian three times. He always delivers a great day catching quality fish. Just and outstanding guide!


Fished Silver Creek in a float tube for the first time. Brian's techniques produced numerous fish and 3 over 20 inches. Brian is also an interesting conversationalist - very much enjoyed the day.


These two are amazing teachers, positive coaches, great conversationalists and amazing fishermen. Beloved by both our male and female guests!

Stephanie and Nick Osborne

Best guide I have had in my career. Put me in position to catch trophy fish.

Jay T Lien

We'd like to thank Brian Richter and all the staff for a wonderful fly fishing experience on the headwaters of the Lost River. We worked hard to find and catch the fish and numbers are not the measure of success when fly-fishing. Great country and good conversation. It is an understatement when Joan and I say that Brian is the best. Not only is he an excellent guide, but also a walking encyclopedia when it comes to water and the efficient use of it for both agriculture and the sportsman. A hearty thank you for taking care of a couple of older fly fishers.

Joan and Bud

Brian asked if I was more interested in quantity or quality (big) fish and if I was willing to try some different techniques. Highlight was catching back to back browns over 26 inches.


I've fished a lot of locations with countless number of guides over the last 35 plus years, but of all the days on the water, Matt, Brian, Randy, and Ewald rank near the top of the list.
Their knowledge of the fishery, waters, entomology, area history enhanced the scenery and each day’s experience. They are patient coaches who helped me to become a better fly fisherman in multiple areas
Although I expressed my gratitude to each, I wanted you to know that you have an exceptional crew, which I'd gladly recommend without hesitation. I look forward to my next trip to Idaho and working with you and your crew to create another tailored fishing trip.

Andrew Hay

Brian is always concerned about finding fish and giving guests a great experience. I appreciate being able to see/fish in different waters. There are so many fun places to fish in this area, it can be overwhelming. Going different places is a wonderful exposure to the fishing area.”

Tom Robinson

Brian did a good job finding us some fish to catch even though the weather wasn’t the greatest. Brian had great stories, good advice and was very helpful throughout the day. He went out of his way to make sure we had everything we needed and was quick to help and answer questions.

Bob McLauchlin

Very capable of matching my wife’s experience level with her concerns and turning it into a great experience.


Brian did a great job adding value to a guided day on a great fishery. He worked hard to help both of us have a successful outing by increasing our understanding of both tactics and techniques. I was very impressed with the depth of Brian’s experience and his passion for protecting the resource, I appreciate that a person who makes his lively hood using a resource is committed to seeing it remain healthy and strong for future generations to enjoy.

David Rogers

I'm in a wheelchair and both Richter and Riley were great. I kayaked with Richter and I've been on Silver Creek and the big wood with him and Riley of course float down the salmon both very well equipped and informed and accommodating for my disability.

Jim Holloway

It’s hard to choose one highlight. Could be getting to use a float tube for the first time. Or seeing the beautiful preserve. Or catching my personal best browns.

Mark Schinckendantz

Brian was simply fantastic!!! From beginning to end it was a truly amazing experience!

Bob Werth

Brian is the best. Totally dedicated to his client’s experience.

Ernie Kendler

Brian is the best guide I've ever had.

Joris Hitt

Good, constructive tips. Like trying new water!

Bob Chewning