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Great Winter Fly-Fishing

By November 21, 2005April 14th, 2018No Comments

Good news and bad in the fishing report this week. The bad news is, with winter approaching and not a great degree of fishing change through the winter we will be going to a bimonthly report. The good news is the fishing report will be including a few additional reports from our favorite lodges as they begin their prime seasons. Included from time to time will be reports from lodges in the Bahamas, Argentina, the Turks and Caicos and Mexico. We hope you continue to enjoy the local report and also like finding out what is happening in warmer climates as well!

Silver Creek

There is only a week left before the Nature Conservancy closes down the fishing on the upper stretches of the Creek this winter. No worries though as the lower sections below highway twenty remain open through February. If you are going to get your last licks in on the Conservancy waters this week, plan on finding late afternoon midge activity. There is also a small chance to find Baetis on the water, but only if it gets warm enough, calm enough and with a little cloud cover. If you just can’t find working fish on the moving water, then try sight nymphing in the sloughs.

Big Wood River

This really is a great time of year to be on the Wood. The river is rarely fished these days and some decent surface Midge activity is being reported. With a forecast for bright skies and cold days, most of the fishing is going to be found subsurface in the coming weeks. Expect the fish to begin gathering in their favorite winter runs and you can make the assumption when you catch one, that if there is one, there are more than likely many others in and around the same spot you hooked the first one. Prince Nymphs, Zug Bugs, Zebra Midges, black backed Hares Ears and big Brassies will all take fish.

Lost River

The Lost is fishing well with nymphs and the fish are eager to take a well presented fly. We do not recommend trying to use Trail Creek summit to get there, as it can be treacherous even if it remains open this time of the year. If you go around the long way, take a selection of Prince Nymphs, Brassies and small Midge patterns. It is often best to fish these little flies in tandem with a bigger bead head fly to make sure they get to the bottom. The bigger fly will also attract fish toward the smaller fly. They will see the big fly and investigate it, and if they refuse it, down comes the smaller and perhaps more realistic offering.

Upper Lost River and Copper Basin

If you access this body of water via the long way around through Arco, plan on spending the night in Mackay. It is a long way to go for a day of fishing. Standard bead head nymphs are all one needs in this section. Once the heavy snow storms of winter reach us, the river will be essentially closed as the access will be limited to four wheel drive, snow shoes and a lot of effort, perhaps too much. In fact this will be the last report on this area until opening day next season which falls on May 27th.

Little Wood River

The Little Wood is still providing nymphing opportunity for those anglers looking for out of the way fishing and productive fishing. The fish may be somewhat smaller but active in the warmer desert sections. There should also be a nice bunch of Brown Trout coming off of their spawn which will trigger a feeding response to bulk back up before the firm grip of winter sets in upon them.

South Fork of the Boise

It is nymphing season on the South Fork until the first real Midge hatches of the winter begin. Big Prince Nymphs and Zug Bugs are good choices as well as oversized Brassies to get the fishes attention. The South Fork is a tail water with little temperature fluctuation so expect to find fish well spread out in the riffles and pools throughout the winter months.

Basin Precip. Averages
Salmon – 124%
Big Wood – 117%
Little Wood – 98%
Big Lost – 103%
Henry’s Fork – 138%