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On your mark – get set – GO Fishing!

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Here comes the moment we have been waiting months for. The Tricos are out. The Wood has dropped below 1000 CFS and continues to drop rapidly. The bugs in the freestone rivers are hatching, and more fishable water opens daily so we can all spread out and enjoy the serenity of Idaho. It is safe to say from here, on through the rest of the summer we get to reap the benefits of last winters huge snow pack. Get out and make the most of everyday while the Rockies are still blanketed in sunshine instead of snow!

Silver Creek

I once wrote that the Salmon Fly hatch on the Deschutes River was the “hatch heard around the world.” Well if that’s the case then the Trico on Silver Creek, is the “Spinner Fall heard around the world.” On Silver Creek nothing compares to the madness of the Trico Spinner Falls. The fish go crazy on the surface, and anglers go equally mad trying to solve the riddle of the rise! Remember when fishing the Trico, it is presentation, presentation, presentation. Fly choice and tippet size are simple. Fish a Trico Pattern you can see, in a size 20 or 22. Use dry shake to make the fly more visible. Use 6X tippet to a length of 12 feet and cast close and quietly to your target. If you can’t hook up, readdress your presentation before you think of changing flies or lightening leaders. Keep in mind there is no fish in Silver Creek that won’t eat a well presented fly on 6X tippet.
P.M.D., Baetis and Callibaetis are also still in the mix, and as the Trico Spinner Fall tapers off, be ready to switch to the fly your particular target is eating!

Big Wood River

The Wood is shaping up nicely. The Green Drakes are out in good numbers and more and more fish are coming to the surface. Even the bigger fish are starting to come up and investigate dry flies. Big attractors like Royal Wulffs, H and L Variants and Stimulators are great choices. If fishing is slow, or you want more big fish, consider using a bead head dropper 2 feet under the dry. It is a brand new river out there, so don’t expect old haunts to look anything like they used to. Enjoy the fun of relearning everything and continue to be safe as higher than usual flows make wading tricky. Continue to leave your dog at home for any serious outings.

Lost River

Still running to high for effective fishing, but dropping.

Upper Lost and Copper Basin

Loads of insects “over the hill” are making for some great fishing on the upper forks of the Lost. Green Drakes, P.M.D.s and Stoneflies are everywhere. The flows aren’t quite ideal yet, but low enough to fish. The East Fork is still pushy enough that very careful attention to wading is necessary.

Little Wood River

The Little Wood is coming into fine shape and stoneflies are beginning to hatch. A few Drakes should be popping on the river this week as well, at least above the reservoir. In the desert, expect good fishing, but be ready for the emergence of Rattle Snakes in the area. There is still good fishing to be had, just walk loudly and be heads up in the riparian zone. There may be no finer or picturesque place to spend an evening fishing than on the Little Wood.

South Fork of the Boise

The South Fork continues to fish well with Salmon Flies, Pink Alberts and Caddis. A quick note about Pink Alberts. I have heard confusion over the past week about P.M.D.s being confused with the Albert. The similar size and shape are the reason, although one is clearly pink and one yellow. The big difference is in the emergence. Pink Alberts hatch on the bottom of the river with a fully emerged wing and then swim to the surface, they are incredibly easy prey in shallow water. On the South Fork a fly fished shallow, during the emergence that appears to have a fully emerged wing, like a Harrop Cut-Wing Emerger, will produce a lot more fish than trying to coax a locked-in bow into eating a Yellow dry fly, like a P.M.D.