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One Week Left!

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The rising temperatures in the Valley have produced some excellent fishing in recent days. The warmer weather has brought a few more fishermen out of hiding so be prepared to see other anglers on the water around popular access points. This might be a good time to try some of the less frequented sections of our local streams.

Silver Creek

Silver Creek is closed to angling for the season and will re-open on May 23rd.

Big Wood River

The Big Wood is producing some extremely exciting fishing right now. Midge hatches are bringing trout to the surface in large numbers on calm days between 11:00 and 4:00. If, for some reason, the fish aren’t on top, nymphing will be very productive. Nymphs like the Brassies or Zebra Midges are always a good call this time of year. Remember, fish like to group up during the winter so if you catch one, there should be others nearby.

Big Lost River

The Big Lost is fishing phenomenally right now. As with the Wood, fish will be feeding on the surface during the middle of the day. In addition to great midge hatches, anglers will encounter Beatis hatches throughout the day. Water levels on the Lost are low right now, so be prepared to fish 6x on long leaders to fish feeding on the surface. Please take care when wading, as fish are starting to spawn and the spawning beds are fragile.

Salmon River Steelhead

The weather in the Upper Salmon River Basin has warmed to the mid 40’s to mid 50’s, causing the river levels to rise slightly and pushing the first group of fish from the town of Salmon into the area of Clayton. The water is still clear and low, causing the fish to seek deeper, safer water. Find slower tail outs about 2 to 4 feet deep and fish the fly very slowly for best results. The fish counts are slowly climbing and we expect the main run to be above Challis in about 2 weeks. The fish are VERY spooky right now, so be careful wading and approaching them. Small flies work best in the early season.