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With cooler than normal temperatures expected for the next week, valley anglers can expect to see fishing conditions improve on most of the local waterways. Tricos and Pink Alberts are in full swing and grasshoppers are very abundant this summer due to the tall streamside vegetation. Another byproduct of a wet spring is an abundant mosquito population, so wherever you go angling – make sure you’re protected.

Big Wood River

The Big Wood is officially in August fishing mode. Fish have started to move into the shallow riffle water and grasshoppers are bringing them to the surface. Anglers will encounter Pink Albert and Little Yellow Sally hatches throughout the day and Caddis in the evenings. Nymphing has been productive when the hatches aren’t bringing fish to the surface. Hopper/dropper setups work great this time of year… Zebra Midges, King’s Princes, and Rainbow Warriors are all good droppers in August.

Silver Creek

The early morning insect activity has really picked up over the past week with a great combination of Trico spinner falls and Baetis hatches; however, the fish are becoming increasingly wary. Be prepared to change patterns often and lighten up the tippet if you’re receiving refusals on well presented flies. Callibaetis and PMDs can be found a little later in the morning as the smaller mayflies start to taper off.

Damselflies are extremely prevalent this year and can be a mid-day lifesaver on the creek. Terrestrials such as Grasshoppers and Beetles will also produce fish during the heat of the day. When fishing terrestrials on the creek remember to cover the water and don’t be afraid to twitch the fly. If you’ve ever seen a Grasshopper fall in the water you’ll notice the insect frantically kick back towards the bank. Sometimes a little action on the fly will trigger unforgettable explosions from large fish.

Big Lost River

The Big Lost is flowing at 623cfs right now and is probably too high for effective fishing. Unfortunately, this might continue for a few more weeks until the reservoir empties out a little.

Upper Big Lost / Copper Basin

The Upper Lost and Copper Basin waters are fishing extremely well right now. Attractor patterns such as the Royal Stimulator, Turks Tarantula, and Parachute Hoppers are all taking fish. If you spot a rising fish during the day, a well presented Caddis or Parachute Adams will usually produce a strike.

South Fork of the Boise

Salmonflies are still present but the bulk of these insects have come and gone. Fish will still take a well presented Salmonfly or Cicada pattern floating along the bank. Pink Albert hatches have really started to pick up in the afternoons and the Caddis are continuing to bring fish to the surface in the evenings. The fish have become wary lately due to the busy July crowds so bring your A-game when throwing to working fish, the water is full of large Rainbows that will examine every presentation looking for imperfections.