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Over The Hills & (not that) Far Away

By September 26, 2011 April 14th, 2018 No Comments

Silver Creek Outfitters guide Greg Loomis and I took a little trip last week, for a “guides day off”. Many of the full time guides on the SCO staff work day, weeks, and even months on end, without taking much time to hold a bit of cork themselves. I had no trouble twisting Greg’s arm to get out on the water for some splash & giggles of our own.

Along the way I could not help but notice the sharp colors of almost florescent green as they turn yellow. And for those who take notice of details like these, we are seeing this transition take place weeks later than typical for years in recent memory. In fact, NOAA has published a report of la nina conditions that are parked just behind and in front of us again. Seems their forecasting models have been quite accurate over this past years offset seasons here in the N Rockies and Pacific North West. And guess what they are seeing for this upcoming 2011/12 winter and spring?

This push of summer conditions later into Oct are making for quite a decent extension of terrestrial fishing. Tricos and crane flies are still hanging around, the dry fly fishing is still full swing out there.

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