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Painted Fish

By June 8, 2015April 14th, 2018No Comments

Tucked away in downtown Boise is an unassuming corridor where a rotation of work from the greatest fishing artist in the country hangs. It’s called the Fulton Street Showroom and folks who stroll down this hall have a chance to enjoy “Trout Art” at it’s absolute finest.

Ed Anderson, a prominent Boise artist himself curates this revolving collection. His bold, gestural work has found it’s way onto the covers of Gray’s Sporting Journal several times. But this is a space he’s created for the work of others in the close knit community of fly fishing artists.

I stopped in to see the current lineup of work, which will be on display through June. Here are a few of the pieces you can see next time you’re in Boise. The collection on extended display as part of a season opening show called The Art of Fishing.

The show features work from Ed Anderson, Jake Keeler, Ryan Sharpe,  Josh Desmit, Walter Foster,  Travis Sylvester, Josh Udesen, A.D. Maddox, Brian Murphy and Andrea Larko. 



“This Winter” from artist Jake Keeler.


Ryan Sharpe displays edgy patterns and action in his marker works.


An array of pencil drawings from Walter Foster.


Josh DeSmit brings his pop style from Minnesota.


Another good friend, Travis Sylvester stuns with colored pencils.


Fellow Boise artist Josh Udesen hangs out at Fulton St too.


Works from A.D. Maddox always stop folks in their tracks.


Super unique works from Andrea Larko have been popping up all around fly fishing art and culture.


Brian Murphy from Missoula takes all kinds of fish into deep new space.