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Prime Time

By May 28, 2009April 14th, 2018No Comments


With last week’s increased temperatures and stormy conditions, most of the local rivers are still running too high for fishing. Silver Creek and the South Fork of the Boise remain the only fishable rivers in our area. It will still take a couple of weeks to melt all the high mountain snow and get the other rivers running clear. Until then, keep a look out for increased activity at the Creek or head down to the South Fork of the Boise with a drift boat if you’re looking for good fishing.

Big Wood River

Due to the runoff, The Big Wood is still high and off color. If the temperatures cool over the next week, expect to see the river clear up a bit. Although you may see a temporary improvement in river conditions, it will still be a few weeks before the Wood is fishing well.

Silver Creek

Over the opening weekend, The Creek fished well with anglers finding success throughout the river system. Baetis and Pale Morning Duns have been hatching in the late mornings and early evenings. The early season PMD’s are really large (size 14’s) so make sure you come prepared with a few big patterns. Callibaetis have been hatching in the sloughs and ponds throughout the day. When the hatches and spinner falls slow down, try covering the water with an ant or a beetle.The weather forecast for this coming weekend calls for cooler temperatures and overcast skies. If the forecast is accurate, be ready for increased Baetis activity and comfortable daytime fishing conditions. There have been no reports on Brown Drakes sightings yet but stay tuned  – this time of year they can pop at any time.

Big Lost River

The Big Lost is currently running at 634cfs. This is a little too high for good fishing or safe wading conditions. If you decide to fish these waters, use caution and wear a wading belt.

Upper Big Lost / Copper Basin

The Big Lost and Copper Basin are experiencing similar conditions to the Wood. You may want to wait a few weeks before you start fishing these waters.

South Fork of the Boise

The South Fork has come up quite bit over the past week. River levels have increased from 600cfs to 1600cfs over the past four days making the river levels ideal for drift boat fishing. Anglers have found limited success with large foam Cicada patterns and Chernobyls. Nymphing has also been productive with large Stonefly nymphs and size 14-16 bead head Caddis nymphs working well throughout the day. Salmonflies and Caddis are probably still a few weeks away but keep an eye on the back eddies for feeding fish.