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The Hatch

With the Rain

By April 17, 2014April 14th, 2018No Comments


Drifting in on the breeze, quenching drops bring a change of mood and stir all the intoxicating smells of terra, flora and fauna. For me, all that’s best of the spring and summer seasons arrive with the rain.

The birds seem to love rain, and cheer when it arrives. The sound of raindrops pattering a hooded rain jacket and the calls of western meadowlarks seem to tie the moment together. Aquatic insects don’t seem to mind rain showers  either, and it’s times on the back end of showers like this that often provoke the ‘blanket’ hatches we as anglers hope for. From beneath the waters surface looking up, suspended trout anticipate the burst of activity as well.

Breathe deep, close your eyes and listen. It’s all good.