SCO In The Northern CA Delta

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Busted out of the Blaine County bubble to visit the family in Santa Cruz and was fortunate to book a day with Mike Costello.  He literally wrote the book on flyfishing in the California Delta, and again did not disappoint.  Always fun to throw 9wt rods with I-lines and sinks, a real departure from the lighter weight stuff we are familiar with around here.  Nice job Mike and hope to see you again real soon.

Also, any day that ends with a double-double from In-N-Out can’t be all bad.  Don’t order your fries “animal style”, makes them too soggy and I think my heart stopped twice on the ride home.

Only 20 days till the opener and will see you down there.


                                                     18lb Striper With Capt. Mike Costello  2011


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