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Settling into Summer

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Although our freestones are still high and off color, the chocolate milk waters of the last two weeks is being replaced with clearer water and lower flows. The Big Wood is on the verge of being fishable while the Salmon and Big Lost Rivers have a way to go before they will be ready for angling. Silver Creek is fishing very well with the recent increase in temperature and the commencement of the evening Brown Drake activity. All in all, this summer is shaping up to be an exceptional fishing season!

Silver Creek

The Creek continues to offer very good PMD fishing both in the mornings and the afternoon/evenings. Be equipped with a variety of PMD patterns including duns, emergers, cripples and nymphs in sizes 14-16. The midday action will be centered around Callibaetis in the stillwater sections and terrestrial and damselfly selections on the moving water. Baetis will be active on and off over the course of the day with a Green Drake or two mixed in. On the north side of the highway, PMDs will be a major player in the mornings and afternoons as well as the famed Brown Drake later in the evenings. Be prepared with spinner patterns for the inevitable spinner fall on warmer evenings and have a few duns handy for the early evening as the insects first appear over the water. Although crowded, the brown drake hatch/spinner fall is something to behold, even for the most experienced angler.

Big Wood River

With diminished flows and increasing insect activity, the Big Wood is going to be fishable again in the next week. Though too dangerous to walk and wade, the dark jade colored water will be clearing and lowering every day, assuming there is no significant rainfall. As the river recedes, look for the presence of Green Drakes in the middle of the day accompanied by stone flies and a variety of mayflies. Attractor patterns such as Turk’s Tarantulas, Stimulators, wulffs and trudes, Parachute Adams and the abovementioned Green Drake (all in size 12-16) will bring fish to the surface. Until the water clears more significantly, large nymphs such as Princes, Pheasant Tails and stonefly nymphs along with woolly buggers will be the wet flies of choice.

South Fork of the Boise

The South Fork of the Boise continues its high spring flow and drift boaters are finding decent success on large nymphs such as the King Prince, Pheasant Tails, stonefly nymphs and Copper Johns. On the surface, large attractors are pulling a few fish up as the hot and heavy action of early July nears. Expect Salmon flies, Caddis, Cicadas and a number of mayflies to become the main focus on this tail water, especially as the 4th of July approaches.

Big Lost/Copper Basin/Salmon River

The main sections of the Big Lost and Copper Basin are still too high to fish although the uppermost reaches of the Copper Basin is beginning to clear slightly and Wildhorse Creek is running clear. The Salmon River is also too high to fish at the moment but will begin to become accessible over the next 7-10 days. When it does, it will be worth the drive for Salmon flies and Caddis action.

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