Silver Creek Has Been a Mixed Bag…

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Silver Creek has been a mixed bag. The morning hatches have slowed down but there are still some Baetis and on calm late mornings the fish can be up in good numbers. Callibaetis have been coming of in the float tube sections but the hatch has been very inconsistent. Some afternoons there are excellent hatches and on other days the hatch has been small. My favorite fishing this time of year is Hopper’s and Beetles on windy days. There have been spectacular days in a big wind where the fish feed all afternoon long. On those windy days put on heavy tippets like 3x or 4x and use larger flies. As we move into the Fall the Browns will become very active and streamer fishing will produce good fishing days. Mahogany Dun’s are not out yet but with a little cooler weather expect to see some in the afternoons around the same time the Callibaetis are coming off.

The Big Wood has been fishing average but with cooler weather I expect the dry fly fishing to get better. The Hecuba or Red Quill has not started yet and like most of our hatches this summer everything has been behind schedule a couple of weeks. The big Fall BWO should also start and make sure you have Hackle Stackers and Gulper Specials in sizes 18-22. Hopper fishing can be spotty on the Big Wood but the right spot can produce some nice fish. I like to throw beetles and ants on the Big Wood when there are no hatches appearing. Zebra midges and smaller brassies are also producing well. The Big Wood is finally at a low level and the river is easier to access. Look for the best times in the afternoons. Evenings are slowing down.

Copper Basin and Big Lost below is a great way to spend the day in some of the most beautiful country in the area. The Copper Basin has been fished hard and it is difficult to find many fish in some of the sections. The white fish population seems to be healthy but with some moving around you can still catch some nice Cutthroat and rainbows in the middle and lower sections of the upper Big Lost. Below the dam the water levels have lowered and the fishing is getting very good. BWO’s, Tricos, and still Crane flies are hatching and the nymphing is always good this time if the year.

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