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Silver Creek Restoration Project December Update

By December 23, 2013April 14th, 2018No Comments

Nick Purdy updates us on the status of the Silver Creek Restoration Project, the portion of which has taken place on the RR Ranch just downstream from The Nature Conservancy Preserve.

“The photos above show the pond work to date. The excavation is finished and the first two photos show the three islands that have been created from the silt. The pond will be kept low because the Nature Conservancy is still planning on doing their project this winter. However, the first of March the pond will be filled.

“The second photo shows the dam with the creek flowing through it and the third photo shows the creek by-pass being filled in.   There is a lot of clean up and dozing of dirt and planting which my help and equipment will do in the spring.  Basically the hard work is done.”

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