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Silver Creek Update 08/07/2011

By August 7, 2011April 14th, 2018No Comments

Two things that I do not like to do – hold a fish for someone else, and flash gang signs. Apparently I have done both and somewhat ashamed. The fishing on the Creek although has been damn good and still some good fish to be had.

Watch what the wind is doing in the morning. If there is chop or some riffles, I have been able to use a BIG dun pattern either trico or baetis. The wind seems to put the spinner fall off and the trico duns seem to be popping real well. Afternoons have been related to the weather – the cooler the better. The really hot days have been putting the bugs and fish down at least for me, but damsel fishing is still a great bet along the weed beds.

Last weeks rain put a little mud in the freestones, but all seems to be back to normal. Heading to the Salmon tomorrow and will get back with some info. Hope to see you somewhere tomorrow.