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Snipe Hunt

By March 2, 2012April 14th, 2018No Comments

Have you ever taken part in an adventure seeking a faux quarry? Ever pulled the wool down on someone, or been asked yourself to join a crew of cow-tippers? Ever felt like you’re invested in a wild goose chase? Have you ever been out standing in a river staring blankly into the water and wondering if you’ve been had? Have you ever been steelhead fishing?


Around the range of steelhead rivers of the world, there are a wide variety of scenarios that anglers fish for steelhead. Depending of the particular river, specific run of  fish, technique/equipment and time of year, the scenarios of fishing for steelhead can range from shooting fish in a barrel, to finding a needle in a haystack. To some anglers, the satisfaction and thrill of catching steelhead vary by those odds. Some like it easy, some swallow pride and accept impossible odds, making thousands of casts for the badge of a challenging catch. To each their own. The joy is in the journey, and tales of snipe hunting are always grand in the mind, and so rewarding to share with friends.