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Spring Fishing

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The local rivers are almost all closed to fishing until opening day, with the exception of the lower Little Wood. This years opener is on May 24th.

Little Wood River

The Little Wood River, below the confluence with Silver Creek is open to year around fishing. This time of year, before the water is released from Little Wood Reservoir for irrigation, the river is really Silver Creek water. This was very obvious last weekend while watching rafts of size 14 Blue Winged Olives float down river.

The river is Catch and Release, Fly Fishing Only from the lowest end of the Bear Tracks Williams State Recreation area, easily located, and well signed along the Hwy. 26/93 route, south of Carey. These regulations exist for 2.5 miles upstream to milepost 192.5.

The Little Wood does run off-color this time of the season, but it still fishes well. It is a lot like the Owyhee river in this regard. Last week the visibility was about 2 feet. Plenty to entice nice Brown Trout and a few Rainbows into hitting flies. Take a wading staff if you go and be prepared for a very unusual bottom, full of large boulders.

It is a streamer time of year on the Little Wood. Due to the all the large rocks, it is best to fish with a very stout leader, and no weight. Fish black, brown, olive or any combinations of these colors on a Wolly Bugger, with or without a bead. Look for pockets amongst the riffles and boulder runs. Spend less time in the calm, deep, slick reaches. Cast to the head of the pockets and slowly bring your streamer back to you, keeping in mind to keep the tip on the water. Plan on losing flies to structure or wading to unhook from large rough boulders.

There have been a good deal of insects on the surface lately, but these fish rarely rise to them this time of the season. In another month, or even sooner, we should begin to see the giant Salmon Flies on this river. When that happens you can bet the fish will begin to rise. Unfortunately this also coincides with water being released for irrigation and thus higher flows. The sooner you can go, the better.

Browns and Rainbows in this area are generally between 8 and 16 inches, with great opportunity to catch trophies as big as 20 inches.

The snow is mostly gone in this area and it is one of the only times of the year it is snake free. On a warm day, this can be a fantastic outing. Pack a lunch and walk a big chunk of river. 4-wheel drive is not a bad idea this time of year in these desert areas. If you don’t have it, be cautious of where you park. There is plenty of walk in access though.

Salmon River

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Lakes and Reservoirs

Carey Lake, The Little Wood Reservoir, and Magic Reservoir are all excellent options for Stillwater fishing as the ice comes off. Some days this time of the year can be magical on these waters.