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Spring Time (fishing) in the Rockies!

By April 19, 2006April 14th, 2018No Comments

Very little to report this week. The reservoirs continue to fill and spill over. Flood warnings are in place for the towns south of the valley and most rivers haven’t even begun to run off yet. A warmer weekend should make for nice weather to explore “ice out” on our area reservoirs. With large chunks of ice still around on some reservoirs avoid using a boat or float tube just yet, as a big wind swept ice sheet can cause serious trouble. Bank fishing is the way to go for an ice out situation anyway. With spring under way and summer approaching we are going to see a run off reminiscent of a few years ago, when logs threatened bridges, homes were sand bagged and the rivers banks became dangerous places for pets and humans alike. Please be aware that these currents are very fast, and very strong and not to be messed with. Think twice before throwing a stick out there for Fido.

Salmon River

Steelhead action is pretty good up there, although a load of anglers make this fishery less than desirable some days. If you go, try to find a weekday and please take your good manners with you.

Magic Reservoir

The ice is going away in a hurry and this reservoir is producing some limited fishing opportunity, although the action should pick up here in the coming weeks. It is a great place to spend a sunny afternoon.

Little Wood Reservoir

Still iced over last weekend, by now there should be some areas next to the bank opening up. With a warmer weekend in the forecast this could be an excellent place to find some classic ice out opportunities.

Carey Lake

Excellent early season bass fishing last year probably means more of the same this year. Cast brightly colored buggers into grassy structure and retrieve the fly erratically. This may be an anglers best bet this week for some good action. Concentrate on the areas nearest the hot springs.

Anderson Ranch, Mormon, and Snake River Reservoirs

Not much word on how any of these are fishing, but all great places to do some exploring this time of the year! Let us know how you do if you should decide to take a chance and wet a line in any of these places.

Water Conditions
Basin Precip. Averages
Big Wood-141%
Little Wood-158%
Big Lost-149%
Henry’s Fork-123%