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Summertime Clues

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With the holiday approaching expect to see more anglers than in past weeks, but also plan on seeing more fishable waters opening up around the valley. The weather is going to get warmer and this could keep local rivers high and tinted a bit, but as of this writing the rivers have been dropping for three straight days. Hopefully this trend continues until we reach wadable flows.

Silver Creek

The Creek has really been a gem this year. Wonderful fishing opportunities continue to present themselves. The Caddis action has continued to build this past week and early mornings and late evenings have become important times of the day to fish. This will continue to be the case until we see Grasshoppers and Callibaetis in bigger numbers. These events are still a month or more away. In the meantime continue to fish Pale Morning Duns, Baetis and Callibaetis when the midday opportunity presents itself.
It is also time to start stocking up on Trico patterns. This little mayfly has shown up as early as the Forth of July in years past, although everything seems a bit behind this year. The air temperatures on the Creek should be up in the 90s this coming week, so I would not be shocked to see the first occurrences of this spinner fall. In any case, have Trico patterns in your fly box if you go to the Creek.

Big Wood River

This has been a tough one to guess the past few weeks. Anglers are catching fish here and there, but the flows have remained high enough to keep any real number of anglers from fishing. The flows are continuing to drop and we should have a very fishable river this coming week. Access may be restricted by the high water, but clarity and insect activity in the heat of the day should be enough to get some decent fishing in.
Look to fish in side channels, back eddies, and on the ledges of the main channel. The river clears more and more as you head north, but a little tint in the water is not going to keep the fish form eating regardless of where you are.
If you go, have some Green Drake patterns, large Orange Stimulators, Chernobyl Stonefly patterns, large bead-head nymphs, and small Yellow Stimulators. Try to fish with a friend, a wading staff is not a bad idea and a wading belt is a must!

Upper Lost River / Copper Basin

Good clarity but high flows are preventing any really good fishing. Hopefully around the second week of July we will have a great fishery here, and best of all the fish will be green, and it will be like opening day all over again!

Big Lost River

There is plenty of volume on the Lost right now. There are better places to fish closer to Sun Valley.

Little Wood River

No Reports

South Fork of the Boise

The SF of the B is fishing really well right now. Caddis, Cicadas, and small mayflies are getting the fish to look up. Heavy foam lines, eddies, side channels and any slower currents should have a few fish rising discretely. The flow remains at 600 giving anglers the always tough decision of row versus wade…
The Salmon Flies are starting to show up! Don’t dare go to the river without the largest imitations of this fly you can find!