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Sunny Days

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For now, the rain has passed. The forecast calls for sun and mild weather for the foreseeable future and, as a result, most of our freestone streams should drop and clear. The recent change in weather has had some unpredictable effects on the local hatches. Last night, a few lucky anglers were able to catch a great Brown Drake hatch on Silver Creek! This is about three weeks late but we’ve had a very unusual June, so we’ll take it.

Big Wood River

The Big Wood is dropping slowly and starting to run clearer. Anglers are finding success on side-channels, braids, and areas where the river slows down. Large attractor patterns both on and below the surface will produce fish. A few Green Drakes have been spotted down south and the bulk of the hatch should be just around the corner.

Silver Creek

The creek is probably still the best bet in the valley for consistent surface activity. Green Drakes, PMD’s, Callibaetis and Baetis continue to hatch sporadically throughout the day. Additionally, the Damselfly activity has really started to pick up so, if the fish aren’t feeding on Mayflies try a Damsel. When Damselfly fishing, pay close attention to the water behind weed beds and areas where the Damselflies concentrate. Fish will key in on these locations and opportunistically feed on unsuspecting Damselflies.

Big Lost River

Unfortunately, at 1100cfs (cubic feet per second), the Big Lost is still too high to fish. Keep an eye on the river levels and if the stream flow gets below 450cfs the Lost will become fishable.

Upper Big Lost / Copper Basin

The Upper lost is running pretty clear and is fishable in spots. Anglers willing to head over the hill should travel to the upper reaches of the Big Lost tributaries to find the good water. The Upper Big Lost has a good Green Drake hatch so be prepared with a few Drake patterns if you head over the hill.

South Fork of the Boise

Currently, the South Fork is dropping rapidly; yesterday morning it was running at 2150cfs and is now down to 1740cfs. This drop in water level might throw the fish off for a day or two, but the river is starting to shape up for a good Salmonfly hatch. Anglers are reporting success on foam flies fished along the bank and Caddis in the eddies.