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Temperatures Above Freezing

By January 4, 2012 April 14th, 2018 2 Comments

The fishing this time of year can be good depending on the day. With temperatures above freezing on some days I like to fish in the middle of the day. Your best bet is still nymphing with sub surface patterns. I’ll use different techniques depending on the water Im fishing. I like big stonefly nymphs when I first get to a run and usually fish this pattern in the deeper water. As I fish the run and start to locate fish I will follow the big patterns with small nymphs both with beads and without. I use indicators but there are times when you get better drifts without a big indicator floating around and like dry flies with small nymphs off the back from 12″- 24″ behind. On some days in certain runs you can see working fish on top taking midges. As we move into the winter I wxpect to see better midge hatches and will use patterns such as the Griffith’s Gnat and Trailing Shuck Midge on top. If you have problems seeing these flies put them behind a Adams Parachute for some visibility.

Other options this time of year are the Big Lost below the dam and the South Fork of the Boise. I do like to streamer fish the South Fork Boise this time of year. It is an easy method in the winter when the weather is cold and it can be very effective on the bigger fish.

Bringing an Idaho steelhead in for a quick pit-stop.

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  • Steve Dunn says:

    We would humbly bow to Dave(as we visit the store) if he would offer a video clip of Winter Fishing, using the tailing fly setup on the Big Wood for a Classic Sun Valley Lifestyle Reverie.
    You know, the usual gorgeous minicus flow and the sweet swing of the line/rod….and if we are lucky.. the strike, with rod securely into one!!!
    Steve Dunn

    • Dave Faltings says:

      Thanks for the comment. I’ll take you up on that and in the next report try to catch one for you. When ever the camera is rolling it seems to get harder to catch a fish.

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