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Thanksgiving Partridge!

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There are spectacular things all around us that can so easily go un-noticed. It has to be very calm and quite to hear the calls of migrating snow geese that pass far overhead. Equally rare that they are ever noticed amongst the busy bustle of every day life unless they are first heard, then with any luck the wavering strands of large white birds can be noticed agains a pallet of western sky. Look once and you’ll miss them. Look twice and you still might not notice, but take time to slow down and scan this time of year and soon enough they will appear. There are so many  things to be thankful for in everyday life, and for many of us the outdoor lifestyle that we live is one of those finer things in life we are grateful for this Thanksgiving.

Living at the latitude and elevation that we have here in Idaho provides us with 4 distinct seasons. Something that helps keep the year and all the outdoor activities we love constantly progressing. Months tick by like spokes in a rolling wagon wheel. Average temperatures rise and fall, and each day presents it’s own personality of weather. Just like the folks we meet, the personality of each day can be one to embrace and remember forever, or can’t seem to pass quickly enough.

One of the great aspects of bird hunting, is the bond and relationship created with our best friends. A great deal of time, money, and energy invested in training new members of the team begin to show proceeds. In his rookie season hunting chukar on the high desert, Buddy here is getting the hang things. Watching a well trained dog work the wind, and comb the hills inspecting currents of wind for the scent of birds is a thing of beauty in itself. Like layers of an onion, there are so many different aspects to successful team of upland bird hunters.

Thanks to Adam Haarberg and his GSP Buddy for the great images in this post.

Buddy is bringing back the goods. It’s not going to size up against turkey, but with a limit of birds back home and prepared to perfection it’s tough to beat. For some of us on this Thanksgiving… Chukar. It’s whats for dinner.

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