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The Gentlemen’s Hatch

By June 8, 2006April 14th, 2018No Comments


A week of the Brown Drake hatches and spinner falls have everyone in the fishing community buzzing. A great hatch has been overshadowed by the amazing amount of anglers that have gone to witness the event, and by the gracious attitudes and camaraderie that have accompanied them. After a week we’ve heard no stories of boorish behavior, and I’ve watched this week as anglers fish side by side in perfect harmony with the Creek, the hatch, and those around them.

Silver Creek

Consider this; after a long winter when the fish struggle to simply survive and use all their fat stores, and after a spring of spawning activity that further weakens them, they are not in the best shape of the year. Coinciding with this is the nesting of thousands of pairs of streamside birds that also have come off of a lean winter and are eager to feed nesting chicks. When all of a sudden, the biggest hatch of the year on the Creek, of the biggest bug that hatches on the Creek shows up to feed them both!

Expect at least another week of some Drake activity. With thunderstorm activity predicted this week there could be excellent midday fishing over the spinners that hit the water at low light levels. Spinner falls will continue into darkness and hatching insects will continue to emerge into the night at least through the weekend.

P.M.D. and Baetis activity is also very strong during the last hours of light and those anglers that don’t want to deal with the Drake crowds can find plenty of rising fish and solitude in the Conservancy waters. Morning activity should be excellent this week with the coming cloud cover. Expect serious Baetis activity this week. When in doubt, fish your terrestrials like ants and beetles.

Big Wood River

Still in runoff stage.

Little Wood River

The Reservoir is being spilled again, causing the waters to rise this week. Not worth looking at quite yet.

Lower Lost River

Too high to fish.

Upper Lost and Copper Basin

Still in runoff stage.

South Fork of the Boise

Flows are again back over 4,000 CFS. It would probably be worth waiting a week for lower flows and Salmon Fly activity.

Magic Reservoir

This is still the best fishery in the valley outside of Silver Creek. Get a float tube and try this! Ask Dave Faltings in the shop about fly selection and where to fish.

Little Wood Reservoir

Anglers are still catching good numbers of smaller fish.

Carey Lake

The consensus is the Bass are well spread out with the high waters and some serious prospecting is needed at this point to hook up.