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The Nature Conservancy’s Kilpatrick Pond Project Part 1 of 3

By August 14, 2012 April 14th, 2018 3 Comments

The Nature Conservancy hosted a public meeting May 30th 2012 to present a tentative plan for a restoration project on the Kilpatrick Pond section of Silver Creek. The meeting presented an opportunity for the public to hear and discuss details of the plan as well as weigh in with questions and input.
Silver Creek Outfitters was there and offers this first of three in a series of videos from the meeting as well as an on-site interview.
Next up will be the “Q & A” video from this meeting.

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  • RBC says:

    We all want what is best for Silver Creek, that I don’t dispute. But the advisability/efficacy of TNC side of this project is less than convincing to me given the continuing flow-altering pinch-points of Kilpatrick bridge and the Purdy dam

    Presently, Kilpatrick pond disperses angling pressure and is an established fish and bug factory. Bulldozing it into an extension of the S-curves is, in my humble opinion, doing nothing less than invoking the law of unintended consequences on the finest trout fishery in the west.

  • Huskey says:

    Thank you RBC. Silver Creek Outfitters appreciates hearing from anglers and hopes to provide a platform to share their voice and thoughtful comments like yours.

  • SSC says:

    It is unfortunate that mankind intrudes upon nature and creates problems that need to be addressed. In this case a dam was built on Silver Creek that has caused adverse impacts on the downstream portion of Silver Creek. Left unattended, Lower Silver Creek will be left void of rainbow trout in years to come. The data is there, temperatures are rising every year. Ask around, anyone that has fished the Creek for over 30 years will tell you, it is not improving. The Pond project is needed and is of sound design. Hatches will recover and fishermen will adapt. Can we afford to loose half of the fishery and the rainbows because of what we want as far as “easy fishing” access? It will NOT be bulldozed into extension! Anyone who did not fish the Pond 20-30 years ago would never know what it fished like then. I would like to see those days return! It will be a better fishery (all of it) for this project.

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