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The Sun Is Back

By June 13, 2008 April 14th, 2018 No Comments


It looks as though we are finally going to break out of our cold and windy weather this weekend and all of next week. Temperatures should be in the 70’s and one nice day is supposed to follow the next. Expect a plethora of insect activity this week, as we should see decent emergences of both Drakes, Stoneflies, and more.

High water on most rivers is still going to be the norm, but clarity is good enough to get some fish up. Expect a very busy weekend on the Creek if the Drakes do pop!

Silver Creek

It is no secret, at this point in time, that the Brown Drake has yet to hatch on the Creek. The last nice evening we had, a few trickled off, that was on Monday. There was another brief occurrence about a week earlier. The longer it takes for the bugs to hatch, the more intense and short lived the whole event should be. Take note this year, that many of the nymphs are smaller than in years past, and as they have been hatching, many of the actual Drakes are smaller than what we are used to seeing. Have some smaller patterns in size 14 or even 16, just in case the fish get picky as the days go by. With the nice weather coming for the weekend, we should see some activity.

Keep in mind when fishing the Drake, the emergence will not generally start until after dark. Normally about 20 minutes after dark. The Spinner fall will happen in the twilight and can be fun, but remember, there is no Spinner Fall the first night, so plan on being up late this weekend if you go looking for it.

During the day, Baetis and Pale Morning Dun are still active. The P.M.D. should make a nice return under the sun this week, and then begin to wane from the early season activity. In its place, the Callibaetis are beginning to come on stronger in the Sloughs and slow water areas. Although sporadic, the fish are definitely looking for them.

Big Wood River

Expect a continuation of strong flows as the warmer weather continues to bring down the winter snow pack. There could even be a bit more tint added to the river this week. If the river stays clear enough to fish, the fair-weather Green Drake could begin to show in more earnest numbers than what we’ve been seeing.

Little Yellow Sallies are coming on strong now, and several bigger Stonefly species will have fish looking toward the surface. Large bead head droppers, under a large bushy dry fly is a great way to search the river. Do this, until you see fish rising on steady streams of Drakes, Craneflies, Stoneflies or other hatches.

Copper Basin and the Upper Lost River

A lot like the Big Wood, the water “up top” is clear enough to fish generally, but there are fewer bugs and anglers are limited to their personal wading abilities. If you really want to escape the crowds, you may want to explore this area, otherwise give it at least one more week before expecting a really steady fishery.

Big Lost River

The Lost is back down to around 400 CFS after a spike up toward 500 CFS. This doesn’t make getting around much easier, but there are a few slots an angler could find fish. Large bead heads like Prince Nymphs, and Stoneflies should take fish.

South Fork of the Boise

The South Fork is fishing pretty well these days with March Browns and reasonable flows. With a warming trend, the Caddis action should begin to really heat up, and the Salmon Flies should begin showing in the canyon, well below where the road leaves the river. Expect to see this hatch come on strong in the next two weeks.

Little Wood River

The Little Wood is still the little brother to all these other fisheries, but is a great place to spend some time for solitude and decent fishing. The desert stretch is fishing o.k. with small Stimulators and bead head nymphs. The upper stretches, above the reservoir, are just not in prime fishing shape yet.