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The Waters Are Open…

By May 31, 2011April 14th, 2018No Comments

Silver Creek is your best bet for fishing in the foreseeable future. It was a mixed bag for the opener with some hatches of size 16 PMDs and small Baetis mixed in during the late morning and into the afternoons. PMDs are very big early in the season and I expect to see good hatches of these in the next few weeks. On calm days I love the No Hackle in a size 16 and if it is windy I will put on a size 14 parachute or a thorax tie. For my Baetis pattern I like Hackle Stackers and the ¾ spent Baetis. Both are visible and fish well. Beetle fishing is a favorite of mine anytime of the year and early season can be very good as well. Crowe Beetles in bigger sizes such as a size 10 along with hi-vis foam beetles are excellent patterns. There are also midges in the late afternoons and a Trailing Shuck Midge along with some brassies should be a good selection for that time of day. On windy days try throwing leeches and Woolly Buggers. Hatch times will vary, with mid-morning hatches on the warmer days. On cooler days expect to see the bugs in the afternoons. The water is shallow this time of year with little vegetation growing. Try some of the deeper sections of the creek and you will find some more fish.

The Big Wood has actually dropped and a few hardy fishermen have been catching some fish. Please do not wade this time of year as the water levels are too dangerous, but in side channels and slower runs you can put on streamers and large nymphs to catch a few fish. Also try a large dry such as a Royal Wolf with a tungsten weighted nymph below it, to get down. The same conditions hold on Warm Springs and Trail Creek. I expect the weather to warm in the next week and for these rivers to blow out for awhile.

Magic Reservoir has been fishing well. The fish are moving into the bays and along the banks and are reachable with both floating lines and sinking lines. My best fishing has been on non-windy days during the mornings and evenings. A Biggs Sheep Creek Special is my favorite fly and many times I’ll put a Pheasant Tail 4 feet behind this fly, all under an indicator.