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Trout & A 3-Year Old

By June 10, 2012April 14th, 2018One Comment

Sunday is my day with my daughter. She is 3 and the thought of fishing and scouting water on a Sunday was realized today when she wanted to float-tube Silver Creek and see where Dad was spending all of his time.  It was a dream that came true today for me. If you have young one and interested in getting them on the water, here is just a few tips that worked for me. 1.  Make sure they are safe.  Drift boat – Canoe – Jet boat – anywhere around water, a reliable PFD takes a lot of worry away from the parent. 2.  Snacks!  Plenty of Pirate Booty, PB&Js’, Gummie Worms, and anything to keep them happy. 3.  Remember that it’s not all about you.  Even if the fish are going crazy, when they want to go, it’s time to go.  The fish will be there next Sunday. 4.  While this was our first day on the water together, she took one hell of a nap! With any luck, Ruby Lou had as much fun as I did today, and we’ll see you down there on Sunday.


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