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The Valley’s fisheries are performing extremely well despite the unusual weather we have received in the last couple of days. The Big Wood turned off color last night due to some heavy showers north of town. It should clear by this evening. Silver Creek is on fire with a fantastic combination of Mayfly and Terrestrial fishing throughout the day. Below the dam the Big Lost is still a little high for optimum conditions. The Copper Basin is fishing really well, but keep your eyes on the road conditions going over Trail Creek. The recent rains have taken a toll on the road, so have a backup fishing plan in mind in case the road is closed or hazardous.

Silver Creek

The morning Trico spinner falls have been producing some great fish this past week. If you are lucky enough to hit Silver Creek in the morning with little or no wind, it could very well be a day of fishing you will never forget. As the Tricos taper off the fish will start to work Baetis, PMD’s and Callibaetis. Be prepared to make some adjustments as the day moves on.
If you are having a hard time finding consistent targets, Terrestrials will be your best bet. Try a Damsel, Hopper, or a Beetle and you might just find the trophy you’ve been looking for. One thing to remember about Grasshoppers is that they begin the summer small and grow larger every week so pick your Hopper size accordingly. Right now think about throwing patterns around 1”- 1.25” in length.

Big Wood River

The Wood has been fishing well on nymphs and attractor patterns throughout the day. We have been observing sparse Pink Albert hatches in the middle of the day and a few fish are breaking the surface to take advantage of this mayfly. Most of your mid-day dry fly fishing will be with attractors such as a Parachute Hoppers, Adams, Stimulators and Wulffs. If the fish aren’t cooperating on the surface, nymphs have been working well. Try Princes, Zebra Midges, Rainbow Warriors, PT’s, or just about anything you have in your nymph box. The evening hatch activity has increased over the past week with Caddis and Rusty Spinners working well just before dark.

South Fork of the Boise

The South Fork has been hovering around 1700cfs. Look for working fish in the foam lines, riffles and under the bushes along the bank. If you cannot find working fish, a hopper/dropper along the bank should produce. Keep an eye out for snakes and use caution when walking along the bank or at camp.

Big Lost River

The Lost is running around 630cfs making the fishing a little difficult and the wading dicey. Use caution when wading or crossing the river. If you are going to fish try nymphing or skating Cranefly immitations

Upper Lost and the Copper Basin

Fish attractors and bring mosquito repellent. The Basin has been fishing extremely well over the past week and the great fishing should continue.